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all your worlds .colorpreview.

Finally was able to get around to coloring this rather curious drawing of Kimiko. In the inspiration/homage to image, Miku is laying on a red and black checkered blanket - i thought it'd be fun to put Kimiko on a blanket like a hex map - the background here needs to be tweaked and redone (its not quite fluid enough) but i like the colors on kimiko. Thinking about releasing this as a poster.
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Don't know why but I got a ./Hack vibe from it.
doodlebugRP's avatar
I love the hex-map-quilt. Run with it!
Faey's avatar
You need to make and sell that blanket/quilt... I'd would totally buy one.
hrhtomas's avatar
The bleeding edge of computer gaming is one of the themes of Megatokyo. That context makes it especially cool to see an homage to old-school war games with their cardboard chits and paper hex maps.
Hinataiscute45's avatar
looks just like the miku pic. amazin :D
D4rkLigh7's avatar
Well, I found my new desktop picture.
ZeroDrop's avatar
I like so much the dark way you colored this drawing. All the colors combined so much. Very nice!
Uberchao's avatar
I fully disagree with the 3rd comment below this. Pumpkin pantsu=totally groovy.
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oh indeed. Not any girl can make them look good, but those that can...
It's awesome. I thought of a lot to Write about this drawing, but it's just breathtaking. If you decide to make a Poster out of it you've already Sold One
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there IS a poster of this now :) It's in the store: [link] (i need to get the advertising and promotion for this up, i think :P)
Great. Now i'll just need to fetch some Shirts too, to justify the shipping costs to germany. But i need to get this Poster;-)
graffitibird's avatar
man i feel like a noob :nirvana:
i thought this was
i guess i never expected to see kimiko's face expression like that. :pc:
Xavon-Wrentaile's avatar
Isn't Kimiko a little old to be wearing pumpkin pantsu?

It looks like Erika possessed Kimiko.

And it looks like she is a little... cold...
TheKnifingNinja's avatar
Sultry Kimiko looks like Erika. :P
Doofus-the-Cool's avatar
I forgot you had an account on DA. Good work!
kittyocean's avatar
This looks great! I love the dark colours you picked; Kimiko is usually so colourful and bright :)
(and Yay! I finally got my copy of Megatokyo 6! It's so thick! O.o)
PlayedSun's avatar
I'm loving the poster version of this. I feel ashamed in the fact I thought this was Erika when I bought this from you orz
emmsie-chan's avatar
If that was an actual blanket I would buy it in heartbeat. <3
Mikaidesu's avatar
nice one Fred really awesome
Waltrick-san's avatar
Nah, i think the background is fine.
The blanket is cool, but if you really want change something, you should put a color less dark.
Try put some light coming from the up left corner (like an abajur).
abm37's avatar
I hope you don't mind me stealing this and using it as a wallpaper :P
bunnymagi's avatar
oh, i thought it was settlers of cathan on the bkg. O.O
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