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all your worlds belong to me

Finally got around to finishing up my spoof of miku's 'all your world belongs to me" image/song/figure. It actually came out pretty good - I'll color it next. It seems so oddly fitting for kimiko.
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Awesome crossover. The pose is perfect for Kimiko. ;D
I did not realize that you like Vocaloid, Fred-san!! That is so cool! =D Oh gawd, now I wanna draw vocaloid-megatokyo crossovers too. >w<
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Love that you incorporated vocaloid and MT :) <3
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your my hero
yes. yes they are...
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To be honest, I kind of always suspected she had a dark side I just thought it would be less...devious
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I love how coy, yet confident Kimiko looks in this. It's a nice change from her norm. :) And I didn't know you liked vocaloid too! Mind if I ask what your favorite vocaloid is? ^^
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i thought this was Erika , isn
t used to sexy Kimiko.
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love it! I had no idea you were posting on deviantart now! yay!
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I would hope someone that is as successful as you is not drawing completely digital...
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From what I understand, he's moved almost exclusively to digital.
yeneuro's avatar
Eck... 7.7 well there went any respect i had of him as a OEL manga-ka.
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(you could also go check out the Finished color version)
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That's His style. Has been for the last 10 years. The story is better than most web "comics". Art doesn't need to be all shiny and polished.
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first off i did see the Digitally colored final version of this work and secondly i didin't know he was a web comic artist... i thought he was a manga-ka... well that mean i can't even call him competition because he isn't in my field. Thus i apologize for what i said.
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No worries! :)

I realized last night that I made some assumsions in my post.

What put you off about his work? That he wasn't using pencil and paper or that his work looked so rough?

Just wondering.
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well see i have a huge problem with people who try to draw manga digitally... its really hurting the field and the usual result of their final work is garbage. since he isn't making manga it don't matter to me how he draws anymore.. that explains why his book "megatokyo" didn't look like a manga.
Duper's avatar
OOoohh... I get it. Yeah. traditional manga done with brush.
That I can understand. Thanks for explaining!
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He used to work on paper but digital was easier to work with. Considering it's becoming more and more common, I think it's pretty much a standard with web comics.
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Wow I love it! ^_^
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"all your base are belong to miku"
Nice work.
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She looks very playful, and yet as though she totally knows what she's doing. We don't get to see this side of her very often! It's fun to have a character surprise you with a different side of their personality every now and then.
The posing looks very natural, and with her expression it is spot-on. Very nice. :)
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I love the cold, calculating look in her eyes... normally not something that we would expect from Kimiko, but it fits her perfectly in some strange way.
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It's one of the odd things about sketching characters sometimes. There are times when a character's personality comes out in ways you didn't expect. It's one of the reasons i think i like to juxtapose things as much as i do - to draw the characters in situations that aren't quite what you would expect for them. (i've been doing this for a long time, like when i drew RuriQuake back in 1998 [link] )

Yes, there's something here that is coming out in her personality here that worries me. yes, worries me ^^;;;;;;
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