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This is actually a rather quick sketch i did just out of nowhere. I was testing out some new Derwent sketch pencils, a HB, 2B and 4B to experiment with as i start putting lines down on the drawing i'm doing for the Japan Charity auction at Anime Expo. This is NOT that drawing, its just something random, but the pose came out oddly well, kind of an intriguing sketch of miho, really
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noisybubbles's avatar
You've captured a side of Tohya that only until recently you haven't really seen. Cool :D
X3ro1's avatar
I sense sadness.. but a sort of tranquility..

I like the pic!
Nice Work!
herekittykittykitty's avatar
beautiful, gosh i have to catch on mt!
MIDNIGHTsong's avatar
An awesome sketch. :3 I love the feeling of tranquility that always comes with Tohya-related works
ChihayatheBlackAngel's avatar
I like it. :3 Her torso seems a bit long to me but I think it's because there's really no way to judge where her hips are because of what she's wearing.
I agree it's nice to see her in normal clothes. Your art is awesome and every time I see it I wanna draw haha
kittyocean's avatar
She looks older and more... calmer in this drawing. As if she found peace. Two thumbs up!
Bookaddict209's avatar
ah, miho is my favorite character (i think i've figured out what she is). can't wait to see how she knows yuki's mom!
SgtSareth's avatar
Hmm... New tattoo possibility? *laughs*

Yeah, aside from the eyes this is adorable. Thanks for sharing!
RedUnit10's avatar
Somehow Miho seems older in this sketch, or to put it better; more mature.
Gray-Wolfe's avatar
It is indeed intriguing. She looks different from her(until recently) calm, cool, collected manner.
The-Angel-Icarus's avatar
Just started reading your series again last week after being away for a good 3 years. Found this over on Facebook...glad you're still doing it -- I miss these! :3
Angel-of-the-Demon's avatar
Artifedex's avatar
I always love the way your sketches look. :D They're quick but detailed, and sketchy yet clean. x') I never get tired of them! <3 Tohya~ :'D
Diggerman's avatar
Oh cool so you'll be donating a piece for the charity auction? Looks like I just found a reason to help those in need.
I-Am-DeVan's avatar
(:U Very good work sir. Intersting change of clothes for Miho.
Claytorpedo's avatar
Her eyes feel out to me, but that is probably due to the nature of the sketch (that being, fast and... a sketch). It certainly does seem like an interesting pose for Miho to be in. :)

I like the way you sketched in the lines on the shirt :)
fredrin's avatar
her eyes are off, actually (note her right eye, its far too far out). i decided not to fix it digitally bcause... well, i just didnt want to :P
Claytorpedo's avatar
That is a totally valid reason :D

As a sketch, it doesn't need to be fixed. =P
WingingItStudios's avatar
Love the look in her eyes.
b4k4-san's avatar
Really awesome sketch of one of my favorite characters :D
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meatnerd's avatar
love the quick details you always give out... Why cant i do that?
Zeropointcomics's avatar
the best details in most of my drawings have always been there by mistake. I wasn't intending to draw the pictures that way, it just happened and I ran with it. much like my writing style I just let the story write itself. the characters often have their own ideas as to what they want to do and what should happen so it makes sense to let them have their way and try to shape the story around their decisions. that's just me rambling. you can go back to browsing the art now. :)
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