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Saeko - Sendai Quake 2011

By fredrin
When the quake and tsunami hit Japan earlier this year i, like many, was stunned and overwhelmed by the tragedy. It hit close to home for me because i had not only visited the Sendai area back in 2004, but i had located one of my story ideas there and worked on it for many years. I made many failed attempts to draw something to reflect the tragedy, how i felt and how it effected me, but nothing came. Many months later this drawing, based partly on the sketch i did the day of the quake, started to come together.

Up until recently, i have been doing most of my art digitally via photoshop and my Cintiq, but i wanted to create something i could auction off to help with the relief effort. Drawn on bristol board in pencil with colored pencil applied after some experimentation, i brought the drawing with me to Anime Expo 2011 where it was auctioned off as part of AX's efforts to support relief efforts. This is a 300 dpi version of the 600 dpi scan i made of the final image.

For a sense of how the 600 DPI version looks, here's a link to a small part of it @600 DPI: [link]
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I live in China now, and had visited that area a while ago as well. It was quite a shock me, too.

Thanks for doing something for this tragedy. Im sure everyone appreciates it as much as I do.

(Is that Saeko from Warmth? She has always been my favorite character of yours; I even had you draw her for me at SanDiego Comic-con 2004)

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Mr. Gallagher.
I have been a fan of yours before i even began reading manga. i was even tought l33t 5p34< at the age of about seven. I have also written stories, thoughts, everything, and it all branched from Megatokyo. Without that comic, it would not be a world. So, pretty much, the reason i am even writing this is to say something i've had to say for a while now.
Thank you, Mr. Gallagher. Thank you for creating Megatokyo. Don't ever stop writing Megatokyo either. it is too good to end, and any thought not written down is a waste. to learn, to be different, it all comes from the mind and is written. So thank you, once again, for creating Megatokyo. And please don't ever, ever stop drawing and writing. you are very talented in both of these areas, and you can create wonderful things with them.
Please, contact me at my Deviant: BlueHalloweenIsDead6, i would enjoy talking to you.
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*shivers* You really captured the horror in her expression. :(
Routsubasa's avatar
Is this your character from Warmth?
ayumiii-chan's avatar
beautiful *.* great job!:D
[link] :heart:
syneless18's avatar
i see innocence....
XeonSpy's avatar
Thank You for doing something Fred, It Means alot to your fans, and those in japan, again Thank you
id-rather-chew-glass's avatar
Huge fan of MegaTokyo and your talent for both creating a great story and then bring it to life. This one frame tells so many stories. Thank you.
Just brilliant in capturing the sense of shock in her face.
Jacqui-Aime's avatar
So sad... But well done. I feel the emotion :( <3
arcangelo's avatar
Very nicely done. Great job as usual and for a good cause too.
Mina-Wing's avatar
So heartbreaking... and it's wonderful that such a poignant picture could help to relieve the horror it depicts.
MrAlanJames's avatar
It makes me sad that such amazing artwork is created because of such an immense tragedy. :'(
GeruSadora's avatar
Lovely piece for a good cause, Fred.
hrhtomas's avatar
The color looks amazing.
Athenica's avatar
This is absolutely amazing. You can really feel the emotion and you immediately want to do something and care for the girl in the picture. Truly amazing.
emmav's avatar
Beautiful and tragic, as it should be for such a sad event. Lovely work.
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Isprinsessan's avatar
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Hollow-lifes's avatar
beautiful i mean your feeling , you can draw something like that . so strong and Affectly ,
MonochromeDestiny's avatar
Awww it's really sad... But so well done~ This conveys so much emotion~ Wonderful work! <3
Miafka's avatar
я потрясена рисунком. очень здорово получилось и эмоции показаны просто в высшей степени
KEartieEd's avatar
Those poor ppl:(
celebren's avatar
This is a beautiful drawing. Her face expresses everything I can imagine that those people went through.
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