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Piroko - Dark Dress

Like i've already mentioned, I've been doing a LOT of sketches for people through the MT VirtualCon 2011 thing where you can purchase a small sketch from me from the MegaGear store. I've tried to do a decent job on all the sketches, but some sketches are more interesting than others. This one was not a special request, really, just 'Piroko'. I drew Piroko here in a dress with a black lace shirt over a black chemise. Pencil on cardstock.
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Just wanted to say i like the idea of the 0.99 booklet and I want m04r!

My MT fanart here =x
I was the person who requested this picture, lol. I always find art is better when its left up to the artists vision. I was amazed at the detail and was shocked when I saw the finished product. Thanks again Fred!
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cool, really love it! ^_^
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It's that expression of her that always draws me to her. She's so cute but she's not to be underestimated. =^-^=
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I love her facial expression! (and her dress =D)
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So much attitude, but she is just soo adorable ;_;
Great job as always!
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The design is beautiful. ^^
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I like her 'what are you looking at' or 'whatever' look :) Her eyes are awesome as ever!
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Looks like she's glaring at somebody. Largo perhaps?
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Just amazing work.
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Awesome sketch! Piroko is one of my favorite non-MT characters. Love how she has an almost sleepy look to her in this one.
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Awwwe. So cute. <3
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