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Miss Sonoda's Zilla Dragon-Maid ZomZom

This was actually a silly idea that came to me after watching a few episodes of Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, a fun anime based on the manga by Cool Kyoushisha.  Zom zom has learned how to turn into human form, surprising Yuki one morning.  Two small problems is she is still a Zombie and since Zom zom doesn't have scales (just a thick hide) she cant make her own clothing.  It's a silly drawing that actually turned out to be not only fun but may find its way into the MT story (this sorta thing happens all the time with story development).  Pencil rendered and COPIC colored versions linked.

Oh, Zom Zom has always been a girl, FTR.  Also, just like in her old-school form she likes to eat old school consoles, in this newer more modern and hip form she has a taste for the newer consoles.  She is particularly enjoying the taste of Switch carts (that's a Zelda cart she has in her hand that she's been licking). 

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i was wondering what the inspiration was when I saw the comic. i thought it was Bowsette. btw fred you have brought me back to my youth! thank you for still posting and making me go reread the whole story again. it was a fun two weeks catching back up with things! <3
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Well, if she ever makes you a meal Yuki, check her butt before you eat it.
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Delightfully contemporary! This image sums up many of the things that has been endearing Megatokyo to the fandom for its creative life. The COPIC coloring is bright & appealing in the anime/game format. Yuki, being a magical girl, needs to have a lot of bright colors in her life, especially when the abnormal asserts itself into the normal. 
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Just don't eat the tail when she starts cooking with it, Yuki. 
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Absofuckinglutely put this into the comic.  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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Where are her pants?
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well, technically, the dragons in Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, they all make clothes from their scales when they change.  Zomzom doesn't have scales, just a tough hide, so when she tranforms she cant make her own clothing (Note she's wearing exactly what ZomZom is in the comic).

So... no pants.  Not yet.  I'm sure Yuki will want to fix that rather quickly.
It looks like Zomzom's ^tail^ is going to be ^extremely^ difficult to…  accomodate ~ as far as getting clothes to fit is concerned.🤨
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Not the Switch! T^T
allzquiet's avatar the main MT story over, on hiatus, or what exactly?
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Still going along - recently i've been posting around 1 comic per week.  If you haven't read in a while, I'm about 2/3 through what will be book 7.
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Adorableness over 9 billion!
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IT was a cute show and I think this is a fun twist on the character set up.
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The color is bloody brilliant.
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Yes. Needs to be canon.
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This is so adorable X3 Okay, I wouldn't like to be bitten by her still, but really awesome X3
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This is awesome, I love Kobayashi's dragon maid. XD
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 This is adorable and I love it. 
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Such a fun show.
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And after Nintendo went out of their way to make them taste bad...
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