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Miho gets a Mugihug

By fredrin
This was actually a commission request that i was happy to indulge in. After a few sketches, i had the basic idea - tho the biggest problem with the drawing is that Mugi is a bit shorter than Miho, but i think this works, more or less. I actually used a light box to go from the rough sketch to the final drawing here (you know, light boxes, the analogue for 'layers' before dem computer thingies came along). Damn thing about hatching in pencil as opposed to digitally - it just looks so much better in analog method and it FEELS more natural. Anyways, i think the person i did this for should enjoy it, hopefully.
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shooooo awesome! 
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it looks like a scene of my fanfic xD
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...Been a Megatokyo fan for years, and I only recently discovered you on DevArt. I have shamed myself...

that said, Your art has been a big help for me over the years, as well as a source of entertainment! Thanks very much for what you do!! :D
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Komugiko is becoming all the more one of my favorite characters lately.
cddmanful's avatar
I think my favorite shading method is hand hatching traditional-style...

I love this pic! You have always done these ladies, Miho in particular, with all sorts of love and personality, and I really get into these characters better than most manga ones...
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Great as always, Fred. Thanks for sharing it.
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So I was going down this alley in Akihabara the other night and suddenly I got Mugied for all I had! Never had a better night!
Rapierman's avatar
Now, that's what I call "amusing".
I-Am-DeVan's avatar
I love this. It's just straight up sweet and adorable.
aspekx's avatar
Delightful is exactly the right word for this.
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Delightful piece, Fredrin! Thanks for sharing it (hope your commissioner doesn't mind ;-).

Ooh, a lightbox, eh? Takes me back. And, yeah, the hand hatching adds so much depth and texture. Good stuff!

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Adorable expressions ^_^
Xavon-Wrentaile's avatar
Very cute.

And you could always just say Mugi-san is standing on a step or something.
kittyocean's avatar
Detailed as always :)
Mr-Spriken's avatar
Awesome Possum!!
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I know how you feel about the analog/digital thing. I also know how it feels to be on Miho's side of things. :D
hrhtomas's avatar
So cute.

Attack hugs are such dog-like behavior.
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