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Miho: Something Old and Unopened

By fredrin
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A redraw and color of one of my favorite frames of Miho from Chapter 6 (comic 686) when Miho calls Piro from the Cave of Evil. :) Produced for the Megatokyo 2012 calendar (which you can pre-order right now from the MegaGear store) Some of the fun stuff includes detailing on her corset and the stool - there are still a few problems with the image (her feet are actually not showing in the calendar) so i need to tweek that - and it could use a background (the calendar has no backgrounds) but aside from that, she came out pretty nice :) Could use some boots tho...
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where did you learn to draw like this?
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Now if this was a figure, I would buy 7
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wow Fred, your art has really come along way in the time between the two versions of this image. Keep on keeping on man.
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love the corset, gives me inspiration again(and i need if i want to pass this grade XD )
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hehe, she seems at home... bootless.. hehehe
I also love the Design of the stool... I would like to see a stool like that.

Love Moh's Curls! ^_^
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So cool! Love the seat she is sitting on. Flows really well
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Absolutely awesome, Miho's my favorite character!
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I loved watching this one get drawn, beautiful work Fred!
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And this is why I'm such a fan of megatokyo. The amazing art. And the characters and the plot, but still. The art is awesome.
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Love her hair, love her outfit (and would totally wear it if I could) and love Miho completely. One of the most complex characters I've ever encountered.
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miho is my favorite character appearance wise
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Can't wait to get my hands on the calendar!
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I could never draw hair that detailed. i have the patience of a three year old lol
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This is fantastic! I haven't read your comic in ages but it's my favorite comic of all time! I hope you guys are doing well and keep up the good work!
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Love it. The detail is so amazing, and Miho is so beautiful.

But nah, she doesn't need boots. Just the stockings is so much better.

I wonder if we'll ever see anyone cosplay this.
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love the details, like that face in the pendant. I wonder what it is... I can barely see it XD Good luck with the sales!!
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She's beautiful! :)

I love the pendant she's wearing :heart:
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love it. have to. miho's my favorite character. and thanks for posting it in that shape. now i can print it out and use it as a bookmark.
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