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Down, riverside

By fredrin
Scanned and cleaned up a little, this is just a sketch from my notebooks. Believe it or not, there's been a lot of dev ideas in what you see in this image, including what she's wearing (yes, laugh, go ahead, they are undergarments, i have some basic thoughts about how fabric and edge strips are woven and sewed and tied to do stuff that, uhn, undergarments tend to do. It's an extension of the outer garment designs too. Background, the scarf in her hair, beads if you look close... all story dev stuff.

not too bad of a drawing tho, so i thought i'd post it.
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Colored a s a tribute to the artist: [link]
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Wow shes really hawt :3
I don't really understand the sort-of-necklace-braid thing. There's a character from Bleach with a similar hair style. This is really neat/cute! I just don't understand the hair style.
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well, the development of the way Down wears her hair is actually derived from the clothing worn by people in her tribe, a lot like a Hooded Sweatshirt/coat. Since these are worn with the hoods up most of the time (the reason for that i wont go into here), women typically wear their hair over over their shoulder to the front, usually in braids (long hair with a hood can be a pain). There is quite a bit of variety to the ways women wear their hair in her tribe, but there is actually a bit of social commentary behind wearing her hair into a single braid in front (which comes out in the story)

So, in short, it's really derived from the fact that they all typically wear hoods, and thus have their hair forward, not behind them. See: [link]

Did i think this all out too much? yes, kind of.
Wow, thank you for such a wonderfully detailed explanation! With the hood reasoning, I can totally understand since I've had long hair while wearing clothing with hoods and can agree it's a pain. I look forward to learning about the social commentary involved in her choice of the single braid like that. Only just a little bit on the over thinking, but I like that about you! :) <3
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Very good. I love the detail you put into here braids and clothing/or lack thereof. XD
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It's a different twist from you and I have to approve. Nice drawing indeed. =)
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Cute. And, honestly, I thought she was wearing a swimsuit. XD
But this is really good.
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Oh, if you're curious, here's the raw sketch pre-cleanup: [link]
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She's cute! I like girls with freckles! ^__^
And I really dig her hairstyle! I wish girls would wear their hair like this IRL!

Really looking forward to this story!
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I wonder what the story is behind this world.
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Interested to see where this story might go. Hope we'll see some more previews of it in the near future.

Really like her hair.
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It's really pretty! I love your style so much.
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Ooh, another story~~? What is it called?
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This is very exciting!! I can't wait to see what you do with Mt and where you take THIS!
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I just LOVE the way you draw expressions.
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Kinda a classic scene, but not something I've seen you draw.

Very nice :nod:
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But should she really be wearing that watch in the water?

And with those stumps of reinforced concrete in the background, it can't be very clean water.
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well, the watch doesn't actually work (though when it did, it was waterproof, and in spite of the seals having disintegrated markedly, water doesn't seep in too much - oh, it's a mechanical watch, kind of an odd mechanism, old). It's the most valuable thing she owns, so she tends to not take it off much.

well, the 'stumps' as you say are structural elements of the under-structure of the lands, actually (it has to do with the concept of stratification of a city over very long periods of time, specifically height reduction and full coverage atmospheric conditions required for a very long time, but that's gliding over the conditions the story takes place in). impervious pools like this (which is a pretty large water area) can sometimes be unstable, but the settling of the under-structure here is known to be relatively stable, so it's not unsafe really (though there are three points in the 'lake' where water takes routes down into the substructure.

If none of that makes sense, don't worry about it too much :P If some of it did, think about how running water works in relation to large glaciers. :)

and i'll shut up now
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So the city is basically built on . . the city? In which case I wonder what lives (or exists) in the "under" city?

The picture is as cute as usual BTW and I can see how you might need to spend some time studying female undergarments for research (although that only ever gets me into trouble) but I am curious about her face: are those freckles or some kind of tattoo? They look kind of regular.
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so, so kawaii ^_^
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I wish my hair was long enough to do that :XD:
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I'd love to see a more finished version and hear the back story of this girl.
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