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Circuity...Miho - Broken Fitting

By fredrin
Ideaframing something for an expansion of Circuity... kind of an interesting drawing in a lot of ways, detailing in particular. Also going right back to the Broken Miho concept and the metaphors that this whole winged thing is loaded with
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Sakura-San11's avatar
*_* it's so exciting to find you on DA!!!!!
kyafactor's avatar
that is so beautiful.
aspekx's avatar
I like the return.
Litle-Noa's avatar
man i love dem wings! and her face looks so lonely, it makes me want to glomp her ping-style
Hotaru-No-Mayowasu's avatar
I really like it. Her expression and pose fit perfectly. I really like the detail in the clothing too, but then. I've always liked your style. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Circuity.
kittyocean's avatar
the eyes.... she looks so sad! (and less mystery, like Miho used to have)
MIDNIGHTsong's avatar
That would be really cool if Circuity were to be expanded. It has been a favorite story of mine for a long time. :) those wings are very interesting--yay being loaded with metaphors!
WNxSajuukCor's avatar
Loved the Broken Miho pics, and LOVE this one too!
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