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Befuddled and artistically challenged hack behind the webcomic/manga Megatokyo.

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Ugh.  2011 was not what i'd call a particularly good year.  Figures that it was the 10 year aniversairy of MT and stuff, too. ^^;;  One casualty of the year was a lot of BS with my host and the loss of the server containing the Fredart and Sarah's Origami websites.  I have backups, so i can put things back together, i just haven't had the time yet... that and the fact that i really want to change fredart itself into a site i actually use to post and organize stuff rather than an older, rarely used repository of my older work. When i built the site back in 2000, non-static websites were kind of the new thing, sites that built themselves, pars
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One nice thing about the premium membership stuffs is that i can edit and customize the page here a little.  I get the impression you still can't change the background colors (i coulda swore there was a way to do that, but whatever, it's not a huge deal).  Need to work on interconnecting this and my PIXIV stuff via my Fredart page. oh wait, there it is, at the bottom of this very page.  Journal Skin.  Doh.
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When i poked at my email this morning i saw that someone had given me a Deviant Premium Membership account for a year.  It was given anonymously, so i don't know who to thank specifically, but thank you :)  It is something i think i will actually be able to use, my experience here at dA has been pretty good so far. :) So, thank you for the Christmas give, anon DA person, and a Merry Christmas and happy holidays and whatnot to everyone.  Here's to looking forward to a much more interesting (content filled and productive) new year as well :) fredrin
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So, funny thing, I discovered when I was googling around for Pride of Chanur art, and found your homage to the crew as foxgirls. I loved the piece, and now that I've found your full gallery, I gotta say, I love every piece here.

Your art is amazing ^^
Thanks for the :+devwatch: Fred. Leeeet's just let sleeping dogs lie.. Water under the bridge.
you have a very interesting art style! I like how vibrant the colors look ^^
keep it up!
Finally found at the wake of nocturne.  Exitus.
Fred i just wanted to let you know that i am a fan that stumbled across your work while i was just a teenager in high school. Well i'm grown now and out in the big brave adult world lol. You have inspired me to make my own web comic that i will be releasing soon and i hope to inspire at least one other person the same way you inspired me. And yes, my user name is a head nod to Largo ;)
You have an unique art style and I encourage you to keep producing more of your wonderful art!