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Cultures: Visayan, Pangasinan, Tagalog, Lumad

Pangasinan (Confucian)

+1 Legitimacy
-10% Ship cost

Fields of the Ango river valley
The source of our livelihoods is not in fact the trade which makes us rich but the sacred river and fertile fields which sustains us.
+10% Production efficiency

Chinese embassy
In 1408 an offical embassy was established with the ming empire and in 1411 the emperor of China held a banquet in our honor surely non can deny that we have the attention of giants.
+1 Diplomatic reputation

Story of Urduja
The heroin said to have led a massive army and a sizeable fleet capable to rival china this is a figure that will inspire people for generation to come.
+10% Army morale

Eldest among the isles
Our kingdoms go back to when even china was young and makes all other states among the isles look infantile by comparison.
+1 Prestige

Port of Japan
We have long traded with people from china to malay and we have garnerd the nickname "Port of Japan" for how much of their trade rellies on us and our network.
+15% Trade steering

Asiatic weapon import
Our extensive trading network has allowed us to acquire a great deal of things; fashion, gold, slaves and so much more but above all else it has allowed us to import the latest in military technology including gunpowder.
-10% Military technology cost

Pirates of Wokou
In the late 16th century the pirate lord Limahong who turned our nation into a coven for his pirates and though harsh we have learned something from the experiance.
+15% Privateer efficiency

+20% Naval force limit modifier

Tagalog Ideas For Luzong (Hindu), Kota (Islam), Ma-i (Confucian)

+10% Trade steering
+10% Domestic trade

The people of our nation are dependent on their seamanship for a great deal of things from fishing to trade to defense giving us no shortage of experienced seamen.
+10% Sailors

Baybayin alphabet
This indigenous writting has allowed us to develop and intracate letter and diplomacy culture which has spread even to the southern tribes.
+1 Diplomatic reputation

Imported faiths
Our country has been influenced by Chinese, Hindu and Buddhist travelers since our very beginning giving rise to a broad spectrum of religions and intellectuals among the learned.
+1 Tolerance towards heathens
-5 Idea cost

Chinese goods
For the longest time we have operated extensive and effective trade networks among the most valuable goods are Chinese products and procuring them has given us an even greater advantage on the market.
+10% Global trade

Unlike the southners we have developt a more sophisticated society and from it has sprung the Maginoos (aristocracy) who has helped refine our military traditions throughout the centuries.
+1 Army tradition

Riches of the Philippines
The isles are not want for rescources from good fishing to excellent timber and vast deposits of gold all which boosts our trade and export exceptionally.
+10% Goods produced

Hero kings
The datus, our leaders, exemplify the idéel men in our society and the legacy of their fathers drive them on even futher in hopes to live up to that reputation.
+1 Land leader shock

+15% Light ship combat ability

Madyas (Tribal confederacy) Animist

+10% Light ship combat ability
-10% Stability cost

Lords of Pannai
Once upon a time our founders ruled the state of Pannai in Summatra and tierlessly expelled pirates and smugglers that broke the law in the straits of Malacca before being expelled from their lands.
+1 Prestige

Divine datus
The datus that rule us do so with divine authority and take steps to ensure that their bloodline remain pure.
+1 Legitamacy

River sports
We not only traverse the seas but also the river which is a great source of our culture as well as training for our men at arms.
+10% Sailors

Diverse people
The confederacy is made up of a number of different tribes and people as well as being founded by outsiders as such we have no problem adopting more people into our nation.
-15% Accepted Culture Threshold

Just wars
We have a tradition of allways having a just cause for acting with agression this will be a very usefull thing once we start expanding beyond our current borders.
-15% Aggressive expansion

United front
The confederacies primary function is the mutual protection of its subjects and all the tribes come together as one to repel those who would threaten us.
+5 Discipline

Stubborn culture
Even after the Spaniards conquered our island villages remain keeping our stories, religion and customs alive giving us a chance at the future.
+50% Hostile Core-creation cost

+10% Army morale

Cebu (Hindu)

-10% Build cost
+10% Army morale

Princes of Chola
The traditions handed down to us is that our dynasty comes from a prince of the Chola empire.
+1 Legitimacy

Kang Sri Lumayng Sugbo
Sri Lumay's great fire was a scorched earth policy were we would burn our city to the ground when pirates choose to attack and then strike at them when they were disorganized and demoralized let our enemies know that we will burn these lands to ash before we see them fall to the hand of others.
+1 Attrition towards enemies

Midway tradeport
We lay in the middle of the archipelago and this has given us an ideal vantage point for trade bringing in goods from all over east asia.
+10% Domestic trade power

Cata Raya Chita
"Have good care, O king, what you do, for these men are those who have conquered Calicut, Malacca, and all India the Greater. If you give them good reception and treat them well, it will be well for you, but if you treat them ill, so much the worse it will be for you, as they have done at Calicut and at Malacca."[
+1 Diplomatic reputation

Crush the pirate lord
Lapu Lapu Dimantag entered into the region under the guise of friendship and convinced the Rajah to give him land to settle after using it to aquire wealth and power Lapu Lapu turned on us and bgan raiding our vessels this can not go unpunished.
+15% Light ship combat ability

Spainish threat
As more and more of the spanish explorers arrive in the region it becomes increasingly clear that they won't be satisfied with simply friendship and trade we should use the islands natural defenses to create a scene which will allow us to hold back any would be invaders.
+15% Fort defense

Securing the isles
For to long have we allowed the isles close to us fall into the hands of foreigners and pirates we must secure them so that we may be safe in the future.
+1 Colonist

+10% Navy morale

Source: thebulwaganfoundation.wordpres…

Lumad for Butuan (Animist), Maguindanao (Muslim), Lanao (Muslim)

-10% Infantry cost
+10% Domestic trade

Tattoo artistry
One of our most notable cultural traditions is that of tattos giving us a distinct look for foreigners to marvel at while also being a representation of the military accomplishments of its owner.
+ 0.5 Prestige
+ 2.5% discipline

Slave raids
We have an already sparse population which limits our workforce significantly as such we should raid other tribes for slaves so as to bolster our economy.
+10% Production efficiency

Pooks and Bayans
As we accumulate more wealth more barangays seek to ally themselves with or even serve us as such we have begun with increasing frequancy to construct proper buildings and infrastructure.
-10% Build cost

Reform the Barangay
Datu, Timawa, Pantas, Maharlikas these are the classes that makes up our society and has done so for some time but they were adopted in a more primitive time and we should seek to modernize the system to fit the age.
-10% Stability cost

Twagan law
Feuds within our divided society are quiet common as families turn on one another at the drop of a hat for the smallest reason as such we will adopt the Twagan tradition which allows the victim to seek satisfaction from the perpetrator detering people from treachery.
-1 National unrest

Lumad epics
Oral traditions throughout the islands detail epic deeds of our mythic ancestors and the beauty of our woman these ideas have come to circulate among our armies making them eager to create their own stories and songs.
+15% Naval morale

Isa and Muhammad
First the Borneo rulers arrived with the word of Muhammed and demanded our submission and tax then the Spanish conqistadors came and demanded our land and faith caught between these and our ancestral beliefs we have learned to simply accept the beliefs of others to make our lives easier.
+2 Tolerance towards heathens

+10% Global trade power

Source 1: scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.e...… Philippines A story of a Nation.PDF

Source 2:…

-10% Ship cost
+2 Tolerance towards the true faith

Children of Karim ul-Makhdum
A trading missionary of a semilegendary status as he who not only enlightened us with the holy practise of islam, but founded our holy community. Many yet claim to be his descendants, for we still continue his legacy.
+1 Missionary

An and Wen
We are quick to make friends, having spent some time as a tributary to the Chinese, we rather quickly became well appretiated and some of our royalty even became honored princes at their court. We know what can be gained by turning the other cheek.
+15% Faster relations improvement
+0.5 Prestige

Brunei guidance
The Brunei empire not only inducted us into their empire and introduced us to islam, they enhanced us with new knowledge of government and architecture.
-10 Development cost

Moro pirates
Feared from the Philippines to Malacca, the pirates of our islands bring us great plunder from across all corners of sea, from infidels and unfortunate men alike.
+25% Privateer efficiency

Empower the datus
Our tribal leaders have long enjoyed a degree of freedom that they have used to their advantage, amassing fortunes at sea. We should extend these right as their interest align with ours.
-10% Naval maintenance

Bisaya slaves
With the arrival of the white peoples the slave trade has sky-rocketed, and we have found that the Bisaya tribes from the phillipino islands are the perfect unfortunates for the role. In addition, by importing from afar we can keep our hands relatively clean too!
+10% Global trade power

Masters of the Sulu sea
By the 17th and 18th century our naval capabilities are at its height and we dominate the Sulu sea without mercy. Let it be known that there is no peace for those who deny the prophet!
+20% Light ship combat ability

+1 Naval tradition
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