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Assassin's Creed

start this piece about 2 years ago and got busy >.<
I'm so happy that it's finished, hahaha...

*edit: wow! I never thought that this piece will get a DD
thank you *Killer-Sweet for the suggestion and ^Lyricanna for the feauture :D
and thank you for the kind comments and critiques
I really appreaciate it :)
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Belly Flop!!!

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Wonderful...I can feel death enclosing...
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Amazing Work!
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Hell yeah nice fan art , how did long did this take you ?
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How could I missed this DD?

Now found it through tumblr.
I absolutly love the perspective, and the many, many details. Oh and of course Cesars expression! :D
Stunning work!
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Oh my god, badassery and flamboyance meet in a perfect reunion. I love it.
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this is omg I'm stunned
superb art work ><
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thank you very much XD
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very sweet! love it
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i wish i have your skill in drawing *sighs*
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with a lot of study and practice, you can :D
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Wohaaaa that's Amazing! *O*
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That is BAD. ASS.
I applaud you. The DD was well-deserved.
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thank you very much :)
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