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ahaha yeah thats true;the best abuse
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f*** me , i do it for living
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Aww c'mon, math is fun sometimes. SOMETIMES.
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I know how that feels. Can give you a headache sometimes.
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It's less the math itself and more that the higher you go the less consistent the notation becomes and the more often you see the same symbols used for different things in different classes.

Take ij, and k. I actually dealt with all of the following in a single semester, the spring semester of my sophomore year of undergrad (note: generic index means the index may be used in summation, in a matrix, in a vector, or to label each of multiple identical particles, but more often than not I'd see nearly all usages in a day, and would have seen all usages in a single class within a few weeks):
:bulletgreen: Complex algebra: i = sqrt(-1), j = a generic index, and k = a constant, usually in the exponent where you'd expect a wave number
:bulletyellow: Electromagnetic theory: i = current density or unit vector in x-direction, j = sqrt(-1) or unit vector in y-direction, and k = wave number (thankfully some overlap with complex algebra here) or unit vector in z-direction
:bulletred: Quantum mechanics: i = sqrt(-1) or index or unit vector in x-direction, j = summation index or unit vector in y-direction or normalized total angular momentum quantum number, and k = generic index or wave number or unit vector in z-direction
:bulletblue: Electronic measurement techniques: i = sqrt(-1) or generic index, j = current density or generic index, and k = wave number/multiple of phase or generic index

By the time you get to grad school nearly every letter of both the Greek and Latin alphabets has been used to represent anywhere from 2 to 5 concepts, sometimes in the same class. The only exceptions are "e" because it's the natural number, "o" because it looks like a zero, and "pi" because that's that's probably the most well-known constant in math history. As variables go, alpha, gamma, phi, kappa, lambda, mu, and tau cross-contaminate everything mathematical in your brain like a kitchen sponge well past its prime.
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i decided to skim over everything you just said and say 42.
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This. This describes my feelings about math perfectly. It is the bane of my existence.
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Thanks Obama, and every other president ever to exist. 
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Some of my friends at school mentioned this
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Math is beautiful
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Agreed because i hate math and yet when i go grow up I'm making video games XD
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U know me so well ( I'ma Girl by the way like it mattered thouh)
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