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ModBlue 1.1

ModBlue is a visual style partially based on Microsoft's newer visual styles like "Plex", "Aero", "Slate" and "Energy Blue/Royale". Try it out, you'll see how it blends perfectly with the latest software.

New in version 1.1:
- Energy Blue Taskbar (normal and thin size versions).
- Several significant errors corrected.
- Some minor changes.

- Normal and thin Taskbar size versions included.
- Please use 32 bit desktop color and ClearType fonts.
- My older "ModPlex" and "ModSlate" visual styles have been discontinued.

ModBlue v1.1 by FreD, 2005
© 2005 - 2021 FredPJ
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I have used this for several years and I love it. Even made it my default skin in my nLite windows installation disk, it's that good. I love the thin taskbar version, it's great!
Brilliant style. After trying a few different styles, this one has very quickly become my standard style. (I compacted the start menu, though. Hope you don't mind!) Excellent work!
blackdoom's avatar
This little baby has been the single style that occupied my shell for the past... I don't even remember, 2 years, or more... :)!!!

If it were up to my, it would be the default visual style for Windows XP! :)

Outstanding job!
ZM--OzUN's avatar
this theme rocks, its just what ive been looking for... THANKS!
very nice work...
great theme. only font is too thin/small for me and my laptop. try to give some additional ones in the next version to let users choose :)
am also waiting for one, This is a theme that just rocks .. i love it ...
when a new version?
ZoNi-011's avatar
oh, yes... If you add thin start menu, that would be even better! ;)
ZoNi-011's avatar
I like this very much! I just hope you can modified titlebar, to better match energy taskbar...

Like this: [link]
this would look soooo great! :)
certainly, after using for more than 1 month, i still feel its the best and no other themes are so accurate in everything.
well done once again ...
muka3D's avatar
Quite possibly the best theme I've seen for windows yet...
Has everything I like about Luna, and exludes everything I hate about it.
Excellent work FredPJ.
joeyipod's avatar
AND YOU KEPT THE MENU!!! OMG YES!!! this is by far the best VS i've used PROPS TO YOU!
joeyipod's avatar
The best!!!!! Nuff said

FredPJ's avatar
The new version 1.1 is here, I hope you enjoy it! :)
This is too good. A very well thought of mixture of all the latest win longhorn themes.
well done, its certainly one of the best themes around .. after a long time .. something really good.
especially the fact that even after changing the style it looks very much like XP , unlike other themes who transform the os to something you dont like ...

well done .. good work ..
A few suggestions..
1. The Title bar size is 20 now, it should be 21 for the 3 buttons (min,max and close) to get a decent non scaled look.

oops ... got to go. .. will punch in more later..
but well done once again .. am adding to my favorites..

FredPJ's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I see what you mean, but that's not a mistale, the current button size is completely intentional and the buttons are correctly resized (they have different fixed size glyphs), I want the buttons to look exactly that way. I'm sorry but I don't intend to change them to bulky buttons and consequently resize the caption bar like in the original "Luna" visual style...
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Very nice job Fred, just downloaded it, very smooth and beautiful...I'd luv to port it to windowblinds. I added a compact start menu to the thin taskbar version and it looks pretty sweet..I hid the user pic and slimmed down the top bar a little and it's very sharp in compact start also. Thanx for sharing it with us. If you or anyone would like to see it, email me and I'll send you a screenshot.
FredPJ's avatar
I'm sorry but I don't allow you yo do that, I hope you understand. You may modify it for personal use as long as you don't distribute it and/or put it online. I'll port it to WindowBlinds myself after I finish my next version, thanks.
joeyipod's avatar
thanks for the greatest theme :+fav:
boss019's avatar
No problem, I'll look forward to it, it's really well made and looks great.
joeyipod's avatar
is the next version almost complete i've been thinking about this ever since i've seen that screen shot man i want that desktop!!!!
FredPJ's avatar
Don't worry, I didn't forgot about it. I've already started working on it but it will only be online next week (or perhaps earlier), sorry. This is because I found out some errors on it that are now already corrected. I would say that it's about half done, please be patient.
furiousman's avatar
Awesome, gonna put it on my desk :D
FAV <o>
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