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Morrowind 3E427 English



Geopolitacal map of the Great Houses of Morrowind at the end of the 3th area, in 3E427

Blue : Indoril House or Temple main Cities
Red : Redoran House
Brown : Telvanni House
Yellow : Hlaalu House
Green : Dres House
Grey : Territory Under no Great House authority but directly under the Tribunal Temple authority (or maybe Dagoth House ?? ^^)

For the non-playable territory i used informations on lore-books, official/fan maps available on the net, and a small part of imaginantion and reflexion ^^
I use this map to define the Great Houses territories :…
That's why you'll found Necrom in the Dres territory, but I set it with a "blue circle" to show it's link to the Tribunal and the House Indorill, as the main Necropolis of Morrowind.

I finaly choose to set the name of "Mournhold" to "Almalexia" for this map, but only this one, let me explain why :
You can read in-game dat Mournhold is the name of the inner city of Mournhold. But on the other hand official maps show most frequently "Mournhold" so I have reached the following conclusion : Almalexia is the name of the city according to the Dunmer, in honnor of the godess Almalexia (Historically the first name of the city was Mournhold and the city was renamed after the War of the First Council), and the official/imperial name is still Mournhold. For the time being, I consider this map with a Dunmer point of view, so logically the map show the name Almalexia for the Morrowind Capital.

Personal creation/reflexion :

Shad Telvanni : a Telvanni mage academy
Tel Oad : just Telvanni Tower in order to populate the Telvanni Ilses
Shrine of Boethia : I set it in the region i called Boethian Mountain on my other maps
Shrine of Mephala : I set it in the region i called Mephala's Mountain on my other maps
Arnesia : no mention on official maps but we can read of it in in-game lore books. Arnesia is a region constantly in war with the Argonian of black march. so i "created a town called Arnsia in what i think this region is ^^
Ald'Mora : Just a litle town at the border of Morrowind an Black Marsh in order to populate the Dres Territory

PS : French version and other maps aviable on my profile

 -> I used Gimp and Inkscape

Credits : Bethesda Softworks ^^

I'm open for any suggestion and comments ^^

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Cool map, but Necrom, the Sacred East, is under Tribunal control, not House Dres.