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Bridge District

By FredLipari
The Bridge District.
A map commissioned by the frenc magazine Casus Belli. Depicts a District built on a bridge.
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© 2013 - 2021 FredLipari
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These are all incredible.
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You're welcome.
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I keep hearing about historical examples of bridge districts like this existing in cities like the older London Bridges, but you don't see a lot of art of them.  I wonder why, it's such a cool concept.  I especially like all of the small wharfs at the bottom of the bridge supports in this one.
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Thanks, I'm happy to hear you like it.
One of the most well known bridges is certainly the "Ponte Vecchio" in Florence/ Italy.
It is not indeed as common as we could have expected for such unique and interesting concept.
Or maybe we're not looking in the right direction :/
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Elegant, refined and spectacular!
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Thanks. I'm glad you like it ;)
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Love it! :) Wanna share some of your techniques? If you have any special one... :)
FredLipari's avatar
I actually plan to do it … once I'm settled down in my new country ^^but I will ;)
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this would be totally amazing in a rpg-game!
FredLipari's avatar
This is actually for a rpg magazine, heroic-fantasy district article ;)
Cool, isn't it? :D
n-a-i-m-a's avatar
Looks like the Ponte Vecchio at Florence , any relation to it ?
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No direct relation to it but it was intended to have the same feeling. Well spotted ;)
Ponte Vecchio is more bulky though, imo. Good news is I'm moving to Parma-Italy in 2 weeks and will be spending some time analyzing the architecture for the better of my illustrations :D
n-a-i-m-a's avatar
Italy is full of interesting locations that look almoust like fantasy villages and towns , most are unknown though while the most famouse are ofc the classic touristic locations ...
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Thanks, I just wish I can add colors ^^ 
Sut-Kemik-Yapar's avatar
I love bridge cities like this :)
FredLipari's avatar
me too :D
Thanks for liking it ;)
So much inspiration in this one image. WOW! Thank you
FredLipari's avatar
Thanks, that's kind of you and helps feeding the passion ;)
Kushami-Aru's avatar
O____O Stunning work. so much detail! Wow... My imagination starts flying on that very moment I take a look at this. Amazing!
FredLipari's avatar
Thanks, I've got some more on the burners. We'll see is I can keep your imagination alive ;)
thedailywulfy's avatar
This is awesome, so much little details :D
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