Gina Diggers WarNerd Of Mars Kickstarted

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Guess I'm a little late with this news.
It's already funded and I'm just about done rendering it.

You can find it over here.

I did want to say thanks for all those supporters who will make publishing this normally unpublishable book a reality(No way this goes through the normal GD publishing channels)…
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i know this a very late but where would i go to by a pdf of the whole thing since every star only sells the bonus issue
Will there be a pdf or other digital format release for Gina Diggers: Warnerd of Mars?
Will there be a pdf released?
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Where else will people be able to order the book now that it's in print?
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I didn't even find out about this until after the campaign ended! Is it available through any other channels? Should I ask my local comic shop to order me one?
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Will it ever be available for digital purchase?
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Darn it, I only find out about the kickstarter long after it's finished funding!  I'd definitely back it for the $10 if that opportunity comes up for latecomers like me.
ah literally stay'd up fifty hour's waiting for the war nerd kick starter to start. still barely got a125 spot, I already think it was worth it.  
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I pledged a while back...I gots me a hardcover.^^
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Aaaaaand pledged. Boom!
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Done. Hardcover hardbodied Gina, here I come!
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I have two questions:

1. Will we get a chance to buy this somewhere as well (in PDF form, of course)?

2. Is the censorship in the comic as well... just curious =D

Still, wished we knew from the Kickstarter earlier... but, oh well. Maybe next time, please?
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There's still three weeks left to the Kickstarter; you still have time to pledge for the PDF version.

That's probably better asked in the comments section of the Kickstarter, but my guess would be that the censor bars are only there to make the pledge page marginally SFW. It's marked as a mature-readers item, so I'd assume the book itself won't have them.
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Yeah, possibly. But I changed my mind about getting a copy of it, because... I want to keep Gina as the geek
in my mind like I saw her back in the days when I started with Fred's comics. To be honest, Rule 34 ruined so
many characters for me, that it really hurts, so I don't want to loose this one as well and keep her as the
geek she is in my mind. Same goes for Britanny.
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The Book will be uncensored.
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As I thought. Thanks for the info.
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Even if there is, there's always fan colorings and art commissions.
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I can't quit follow your post. What exactly do you mean?
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I think he means that even if the book itself has the explicit bits blacked out, there are still FP pin-ups and commissions of the GD ladies in the nude out there.
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And that Fred still does NSFW commissions for people, so even if publishing this book would be impossible through normal channels, we'd have those occasional gems.
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dangit was too late for any of the other option like the 300 option . damit i curse ya sleep and nightshifts in the hospital^^
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Already contributed.
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As soon as I have money and have pre-ordered my Age of Ultron ticket.
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So happy this is funded  We were hoping to get in on the $130 level but missed it!   You are well loved, dear Inkmage!
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