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Steamwars Strip #0002 of 12

New set of heroes. Through them, I can relate a better understanding of the powers of a Quantum Dragoon
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more of her please 
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THAT Young Humanoid Alien Girl IS THE YODA OF STEAM WARS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 

If Making C1-335 More of a Serious Robot that can kick some @®$3 isn't Unique and/or much of a Departure from the Star Wars Equivalent character, Then Master Yodel MOST C-E-R-T-A-I-N-L-Y Does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVED STEAM WARS FredGDPerry , and Momeye(the BRILLIANT mashup of Sailor Moon and popeye); You are a master of Making Parodies that Feel like their Own Thing, that Strays away enough from the Original Source Material to Stand out as unique and Original to where It's less of a Star Wars Parody and more of its Own thing.
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Ooh. Now THAT is an interesting way of looking at quantum superposition.
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I see you've met my granddaughter Fred...LOL!
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guess I'm psychic
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Ohhh, so that's the primary influence then... I was thrown by the power-armour guy and butler named Jarvis on the first page...
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I knew expecting a little green man was unrealistic, but...kinda disappointed by the lack of a "Talk like this, I do" manner of speech.

Know not whether this for better or worse, do I.
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"There is no ball..."

"I get it! You're saying that perception is an illusion, and that-"

"No, I mean there is no ball. While you were levitating it, some punk kid ran through and took it."

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Okay, I laughed, I can admit that.
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