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Steamwars Holiday Special 2015

It's going to be a heartwarming "Day of Life" with Smokie and his family^^
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Fred, are you ok? :c How are you? What pages did you upload your art?

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i apologize but can anybody tell me where to buy a pdf version of warnerd of mars because i can't find a single place that sells it
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When does Bea Arthur show up?
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lol Make it look WAY better then it was XD 
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do you have any plans to finish the Jack and Arcee Comics???
the second one?
So are those aliens or uplifted bears??
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Happy birthday
Happy B Day FRED
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The Star Wars Holiday Special did more for Star Wars canon than Episode 1 ever did.
How does one parody that which already feels like a parody of itself? Are you truly certain, Mr. Perry, that even your impressive power is up to this challenge? I shall pray for you and may the Force be with you.
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I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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I don't like how the Luke character looks, he seems WAY too feminine 
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I've never seen the SWHS.....but I think that I'd like it better than any of those Ewok movies.
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Fred, I will buy this. I WATCHED the original and only broadcast of the special. Of which Lucas is embarrassed of, but approves of Jar Jar Binks. And like the late great Dusty Rhodes during his second run in the WWF in the late 80s. You will turn CRAP into GOLD! Hey, not only where is Bea Arthur, where is Harvey Korman? LOL
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I've got the basic story. I want to add a "cartoon" segment and an out-of-place bar scene... but that will need work.
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Just don't let the Princess sing ok.
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This has to be better than that 'Life Day' celebration elsewhere.
................... Fred...... please... just... I don't even know.... I mean you've parodied just about everything from the 80's on. But THIS... THIS.... I'm afraid.
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Yes! The shred-o-bears are here! :D
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Hey, have you seen the online review of your Steamwars comic?…
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You took the time to watch that abomination of a special? Why would you do that to yourself? 

Still, nice work.
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Where's Bea Aurthur? We need her for the big song and dance number.
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Hey, it is a really good interpretation of Star Wars! Congratulations! ^_^
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It isn't a true Day of Life celebration until Bea Arthur sings us songs as the bar closes.
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