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Massassi:Gate of the Aigamuxa

Aigamuxa haunt the nightmares and fevered dreams of the sensitive and enlightened. They stalk in the shadows and devoir the unaware. They are emphemeral, ferocious creatures of shadow and myth that kill the hunters and explorers of the wild, murder defenders and guards from the darkness and prey upon those who are stripped of all protection.
Aigamuxa aren't of the natural world. They lurk between shadows on the edge of even the keenest of senses and they hunger. From the deepest areas of the "wild web"... the jungle... exists their lair... a city of long ago. A place whose lords grew too proud, became too bold, and dared too much. It is said that the Aigamuxa will soon overrun all of lands. Turning every man, every woman and child into prey. But there is hope. To enter the gate, armed with the light of day, there is a small hope, that the gate can be closed forever...
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Defined: The Aigamuxa feed on the flesh of men. They are easily beaten, however, as their eyes are located in the insteps or heels of their feet, and they are not very intelligent. In order to see their victims or where they are going they must get on their hands and knees and hold up a foot. Other than their misplaced eyes and very sharp teeth, they look like men.

I can so see the spin Mr. Perry could put on this. It would be wicked!
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you know i've been waiting...a long time for a few pages of this
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I'm almost ready to work on this. I need more information on African mythology tho...
Mecanicalpencils's avatar
I've been looking it up know me..way too much to process at Taking it all in a little at a time.
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Beautiful and Goregous!!!!!!
enchantma's avatar
your style is neat! i like the coloring and the character design~beautiful work!
VentusAerus's avatar
Massassi? I've heard that somewhere before.
DazandAnime's avatar
this is fantastic! Iv all ways loved the way you draw your charicters and the way you colour them!, its just insperastional! XD
Gamesmaster3's avatar
God I love this one.The Character is very well done.I love the coloring of it and I'm always impressed with just about anyone that goes through the extra effort to put backgrounds into their work.I hope to see more of your work man.Also I might be more inclined to get that how to draw book with Gold Digger on the cover now.Did you make that one?
Motorfish's avatar
Very nice. The whole presentation, nicely put together. ^_^
I'm digging the look of this already.
Is this the same project with the woman who has a tiger made of grass?
Seraphestus's avatar
This a new series maybe??
Aeolus06's avatar
brilliant work on this :clap: very nice. like the coloring, the lighting and her expression
Afrodisium's avatar
Sweet. Is this an original myth you created, or is it based on an existing one?
Batman-Cools's avatar
Thats really cool, I'm wondering, are there goinna be more pictures that around going to be around the same type? going more into this story?
Linear-Toffee's avatar
Very nice work. great shading, very cool all around. :D
AllGeekComics's avatar
Looks pretty cool, when do you gonna post more of your stuff here? =)
KonekoRyu's avatar
impressive design, I really like the colors of the markings on his back
thejackbull's avatar
Wow..Awesome character. ANd no comments?!
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