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Gina Diggers Agent of Shield

Since I play Marvel Avenger's Alliance a little (aheh)…

PS. send me some energies :P

*as if I didn't have enough on my plate*
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That face! *laughing hysterically*
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Is Gina dreaming all this or is she actually in the MU?
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Laughing so hard it hurts.
It's a miracle she hasn't been transformed into some science creature, now she's in the marvel verse.  guess she's doomed...
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lol at the facial expression on Fury!
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ENERGYYY~! (also, caffeine helps)
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All the energies!!  I'll put you in my Reiki box! <3
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Most wanted characters?
That what I call force recruitment  
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love her reaction ^^
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BWHAHAHAHAHA! You should come and adventure with me on Pandora and Become a Vault Hunter! 
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The scene in the fourth panel reminds me how Tom Cruise woke up in the movie "Edge of Tomorrow".
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I seriously don't know know how you do it all man...seriously. But I'll send all the good waves I can your way!
LoL! =P (Razz) Clap P.S. a representative from the orbital power consortium will be by shortly to connect you to the nearest solar powersat.Wink/Razz 
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"how the fuck did I get in that suit?"
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A few of her old story arcs were semi like this. The police let them do whatever they wanted as I remember 
This is quite possibly the most awesome thing of today
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