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Gina Diggers Agent of Shield 11

(More steamwars next week. Tonight: just having some laughs...)
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Wow, the Enchantress! ^_^
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Holy crap, Beta Ray Bill! I haven't seen him in *ages*.
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:OMFG: Did i hear well? HAREM?????????????????omfg 
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What can we say... Gina has quite the libido. Even her werecheetha sister, who used to be quite the boy-crazy sex kitten before getting married (now she's just husband-crazy), admitted that she made a gross miscalculation when she awoke Gina to the world of lusting after beefy men.
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:o (Eek) sh.....:faint:
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Yeah. Here is a collage of the panels depicting the aforementioned scene:
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:OMFG: Bad....bad girl.
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I prefer "good bad girl", to be honest.
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Lulz...I don't have enough knowledge of Marvel to know what my "harem" would be like :( but it's only a matter of time(and me not being so damn lazy) :) 
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I think diggers is my favorite now.
uh oh, Gina is going to do something stupid.....again
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Ooooooh, what is she gonna do to Enchantress?
funny thought, Gina walk into the break room rocket raccoon and groot are there as well just having lunch. Gina just over to the coffee machine while Rocket and Groot are just looking at her confused. While Gina is leaving Rocket shouts " what, you don't have a reaction, no feeling of confusion or bewilderment of this entire image?" Groot: I am Groot- translated"This is not odd to you in any way?" Gina responds, " Your a talking raccoon and a tree man, compared to what i've seen in my life, you two are by far the least strange things I've seen so far"!
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Haha. I'll right something on those two when I can afford to hire them, though.
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I just realized: Rocket is a masterful user of high tech weaponry. Gina is a fantastic mechanic and gunsmith, but has TERRIBLE aim. Will Rocket take it upon himself to take this brilliant but clumsy lass under his wing, and teach her all the best gunslinging tricks?

thanks for the response. I look forward to the many jokes you seek to bring us in the future with this series.
Also if i may ad on the reality panel, Gina's face is adorkable.
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That face in panel two. BWHAHA!
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LOL poor Agent Gina. I feel for you, same way. perception against reality. Although how agent Gina sees herself is quite hawt! (Agent Steve in the Helicarrier commisary) Mutter mutter...Wish some of my female teammates would wanna *heh heh heh* (Squirrel Girl) Hey sailor! whatcha doing? (Agent Steve) Why dont you go beat up Galactus! Again! 10 feet of plot armor!!!:D (Big Grin) 
There's no delusion like self-delusion.  Also, I hope Gina has been studying up on Asgardian magic.
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hehehe! very funny!
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lol Poor Gina 
Why does she imagine herself as the Baroness?
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XDD i laughed so far on facebook when I saw this lol
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