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Gina Diggers Agent of Shield 10

Playing Marvel Alliance got me thinking about hidden power attributes...
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This is killin me !
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Oh dear lawd. *face-palm*
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Very fool! Amusing, really! ^_^
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That Marvel Super Heroes Spiderman Stance. Haha, Nice!
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It was mentioned in one of the 'all about' comics that Spider-Man is something like three to five times more flexible than the average human being, thus allowing him to achieve those Todd McFarlane poses.
I'm just waiting for you do one with Deadpool. Also what is your playid or whatever?
FredGDPerry's avatar
I haven't gotten Deadpool yet.
I play as "Gina Diggers"
Science: it, too, can be funny
I can't decide who looks the least comfortable.
BigStevieCool's avatar
LOL, equal opportunity. Now would be the appropriate time for Ben to say "Wotta revoltin development!"
Zehntacles's avatar
Now that's equality in comics.  I'm impressed Ben can even shift his rocks that way.
stoneificaunt's avatar
Woah! Science is awesome to learn.
asuraludu's avatar
Oh the many possibilities of spider agility.
GratefulReflex's avatar hilariously warped!
HobbsEnd's avatar
Never thought Ben was that flexible...Now I'm just thinking of the Thing doing yoga
..You know, he probably does. Between trying to stay as flexible as he can, given the limitations of his dermal layer, and needing to remain in control of his strength in normal settings, Yoga is probably a Really Good Idea.
AuthorNumber2's avatar
I laughed so much my laughter broke.
merle's avatar
Poor Ben, that doesn't look at all comfortable for him!
Oh man, I lold
AceCS's avatar
It was funny enough. Then you involved Ben. And it turned to solid gold.
otakon2006's avatar
*laughs incoherently*
Nearly as good as a cup of coffee!
NinjaRABBiTx2's avatar
Heart Storm!!
!! I wonder what shooting out of Things hand.
DragenGD's avatar
If I had to guess... I'd say a cigar? O.o
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