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While I was busy rule 63ing stuff...
(Wait... did I post this already?)
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even my 10 year old inner-child would have watched this back in the 80's... tanks, guns, explosions... who would have cared  if the main characters were girls.

i still have Cover Girl and her wolverine missile tank someplace... so yeah
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Wow, very good! ^_^
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Scarlett in the same tight outfit, lol
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I love your work, pretty awesome.
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So Lady Jaye is now Lord Jaye?
got mentioned on dorkly, this picture got some attention
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Please, please, please (when you have the time) do one of the cobra side as well!  Female Destra and male Baron would be hilarious to see!
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Classic :)

Hm, I'm trying to picture their Cobra....
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Funny the only changed name would be "Duchess"
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Not to be confused with a mediocre Ridley Scott movie from 1997.  :)
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Is it odd for me to want to do some fan art of this with both versions of Scarlett standing side-by-side like a kickass version of the Luteces?
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Does this mean that Cobra has been r63'd as well?
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I love Rock N Roll.

( put another dime in the jukebox baby... sorry)
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New to me! This is so cool -- and Scarlet translated over to dudedom surprisingly well. Who knew?
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I can just imagine "the Baron" . . .
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snake eyes still looks like a guy. 
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Gotta do it (Playing fanfare)  YOOOOOO JANE! She'll fight for freedom
Wherever there's trouble
G.I. Jane is there

G.I. Jane
A real American hero
G.I. Jane is there

G.I. Jane is the codename for America's 
Daring, highly-trained special missions force
It's purpose, to defend human freedom
Against NOBRA, the ruthless, terrorist
Organization determined to rule the world (And rid it of pesky underwear!)

She'll never give up she'll stay till the fight's won!
G.I. Jane will dare

G.I. Jane
A real American hero

NOBRA! Retreat! Retreeat!   :D (Big Grin) 
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FEMALE SNAKE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roadblock and Gung-Ho have special needs during there R&R in Bangkok
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