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GDAOS MarvelTryOut 02 Cobweb

Disclaimer: Since try-outs IS in the marvel universe, they can't really be owned by anyone but marvel. But If some of these do wind up there, I hope they let me do an issue.^^
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Can you imagine Gina and some of her allies (and enemies) entering the Nexus? Just thought I'd put the idea out there.
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How are you (and Gina) taking the end of Avengers Alliance?
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still ya biggest fan
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Gina Diggers is already in a Marvel publication. :D
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I dont know what part of this is funnier, hearing Kang the conquerer saying ASSHAT! or Dr. Doom complaining about lack of T.P.

Agent Steve- Hey Doc! dont sweat it! After all its all (Sunglasses) Pie in the sky, from now on!

"My work here is done, come on ladies! Agent Diggers."
*sings* "When the moon hits your eye like a big 'ol key lime-a pie, thats a-funn-ay!"
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is that maat dressed as spiderman? i honestly think the marvel universe wouldnt stand a chance.
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Now see, this is just gonna make everyone paranoid as hell. Is this really a good thing when it comes to a ship full of super-peoples?
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I think they should give Fred a She Hulk book.
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you doing comics for marvel?would be all kinds of epic and kickass!!!seriously,you would do a way better job of the amazing spiderman than dan slott is right now
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Thats a really awesome power, and also he loves squirrels, i bet he would go bananas if he meets squirrelgirl xD
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Actually there already is a Marvel character named Cobweb:…
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After 80 years of comic books, are there any names that aren't taken yet?  (Names anyone would want, not things like "Fire Hydrant" or "Agent Moist")
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Awww fiddlesticks!
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I think I prefer your version.
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A character most haven't heard of and hasn't been used in years.  Plus, with the Spider-verse being a thing, your Cobweb is out in the Multiverse somewhere!  We're also talking about a marvel Universe that has had three separate Spider-Women running around at the same time  ;)
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