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GDAOS MarvelTryOut 01 Steeltoe

I found this hiding on my backup harddrive.
Sorry I didn't post this sooner... (Like last year)
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Aren’t you the guy who made that pirate vid on youtube

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Its all good until capcom complains.
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She needs an Arch Enemy with powers based on singing called the Castrato.

Fred you can have that one.
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Ah, I was hoping she was a canon character. XD
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Heh, even Juggy don't want to mess with that...
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........ Please excuse me. I can't seem to stop laughing like a madman. XD
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I think she would be the last one i'd wanna (sunglasses) play footsie with!
*jumpcut to miami skyline*
FredGDPerry's avatar
Damn you Stevie! Don't make me make send Steel Toe to Agent S's house!
BigStevieCool's avatar
Yikes! dont want that! its bad enough when director Fury comes by and seeing the "Morale building excersizes" with my  super lady team, says in a loud voice... (Ahem) agent Steve, WILL YOU PLEASE PUT SOME PANTS ON?!
*sweat* Um sorry col. Fury...SIR!  
We need a whole series of these!
I think I found Chun-Li's meaner older sister...
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 A Chun-li marvel insert character? neat.
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I cringed at the sight of her kick that lifted two and a half tons of iron!
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the pain the child denying pain
jester-tlf's avatar
Two and a half tons of it!
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Neat look for her! And a really interesting power...if unpleasant for Juggernaught to contemplate.
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she looks like chun li
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Poor Juggy...^_^ Good work!
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But can she kick high?
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she makes it look so easy!! :D
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Do you feel that pain, because i can practically taste it. O.o
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