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GD 200th regular series cover

By FredGDPerry
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Another work in progress post

Now.... All I gotta do is color it.
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Atariboy2600Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Bit of a tangent going on in the foreground monster's right arm (our left) and the background monster directly behind it's right arm. If it's not too late, I'd move the background monter's arm slightly down as to not blend their silhouettes.
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ArashiTerra General Artist
As always, amazing work.. I really got to catch up reading up on the comics.
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So many old friends... :heart:

(One more reason I stick with GD [and indy comics in general] - if this was Marvel or DC, 8/10ths of these guys would be evil or dead by now. Feh.)
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MecanicalpencilsHobbyist Artist
how did i miss this???......EPIC!
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Heh, something to look forward to then.
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paradymxProfessional Filmographer
Super Nice!!!!
I know he's been MIA for a while, but no Ryan?
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Wowsers that's alot of detail. :D Hope ya didn't get any hand cramps ^^;
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Please play "Transformers movie original movie and song' "Nothing gonna stand in our way" XD that so suit this pic
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Looks like the fecal mater has struck the rotary air mover. You know when I look at all the fighting ability I see on the good guys side I almost feel sorry these Mesoamerican Theme war robots ?!?

That was the hardest part about running a RPG based on GD I couldn't disallow any character idea no mater how bizarre, it fit into the GD universe.
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Where's Waldo?
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Smeared across the bottom of one of the statue's boots? >.>
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i love the gi joe ship in the background
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MiltonTeruelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrats on 200!
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Stryyp used Fire Blast! It wasn't very effective... :p
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but it sure was colorful!
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That it was. That it was. *nods*
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Enka2040 Artist
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The gang's all here :D.
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Good pose for showing off Britanny's boobs and butt without having her contorted into an Eschergirl. ;3
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I don't know about that. Her pose looks contrapposto plus She does seem much bigger that usual.
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Love Gina's Indiana Jones moment.
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Holy butts that's sexyfine.
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I see some classic Brianna armor!
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