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Comiconn Bound

Getting ready for Comiconn: August 14-16th
Plus I get to visit some relatives.
It's a new con and the commission list is usually vacant for those.
Maybe I can catch up on the online ones then.

Unless a freak chigoe plague strikes that is.
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Yeah let her OUT! We wanna see a monstrosity part 2!!
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She's just sore because her retirement Fantasia boob job got taken away.

... Well, technically she was sore when she had them, too, but it was a different kind of sore.
sharkbyte3827's avatar
Naaah, what are the odds? 
Nice meeting you today, Fred!  Loved my commission.  Gonna frame it!
merle's avatar
Hope the 'con is wonderful!
ShadowDancerBrony's avatar
Sorry that I wont be at that Con.
deathstarshotput's avatar
I thought Comiccon for Summer was happening in Louisville, KY.
DragenGD's avatar
ComiConn is in Connecticut, thus the Conn in the name.
ShaozChampion's avatar
Im guessing mosquitoes are common at Cons *<----con virgin*
DragenGD's avatar
ConCrud has multiple reasons.  First is from all the folks visiting from different parts of the country/world, all bringing in their regionally mutated versions of the cold and what have you.  Second is the lack of proper sanitary habits for some of the guests, either because they don't like to wash themselves everyday or because they're going the extreme-cheap route of sleeping in their cars to save money so they don't have access to showers. >.>  Third, you have all those people together in some enclosed spaces so it's easy for germs to pass amongst everyone so while your body is fighting off Germs A-X, Germs Y and Z succeed in making you sick.
OtoriAtokata's avatar
Evil Lil buggers and here I thought it  was  the  lack of soap.
Teasealot's avatar
This explains why ConCrud spreads so fast...
Funny! One Question... Is there ANY chance in the future of you, and or the Antarctic Press gang ever making it to New York Comic Con?
FredGDPerry's avatar
I'm going to Comiconn because I was invited by friends and I have family up there.
SmudgeDragon's avatar
Humm - I think something is bugging little Calc....
Cenaris's avatar
And that was the end of Fred.
Knight3000's avatar
Good luck with the Con
Is that what Con plague comes from?
thestooge2222's avatar
WE certainly wish! We miss that big ole butt! 
revanantmorituri's avatar
Oh, how I miss Vana'diel.
Captain-Seasick's avatar
Just... what the... what're "chigoes"?
DracoEx's avatar
Chigoes are insectoid enemies out of Final Fantasy XIV.  THey look like a cross between a mosquito and a flea, and are very, very annoying.
Captain-Seasick's avatar
Yeah, that explains why I've never heard of 'em... I never really liked FF. At all, even. I always preferred my roleplaying games with more flavour to them, like Fallout 2.
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