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200 Regular Issue Cover (Work In Progress)

By FredGDPerry
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This is a work in progress////

I'm starting on my 200th regular issue comic cover and it's a doozy. I havent tried a cover this complex in a long while... So much so, I can't do it all in one sitting...

I wanted this cover to kind of reflect the personalities and abilities of the core cast and a few extras.

it's a cover I wanted to be able to pull off when I first started GD, but I didn't have the chops. It's a cover I left alone because of time constraints.

Forget the schedule this time, though. It'll be a long time before I get to another milestone like this!

The issue itself reflects the cover. Gina heads off on a dangerous expedition to a lost mayan temple on monster island, and , this one time, *everyone's* available to come help out. It's the first time Gina embarks on an expedition with an army of experts to assist and she winds up needing everybody after all!

It's going to be a big issue with a lot of work involved. But I wants it. I wants to make a precious!
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A normal day for the Digger sisters!
anubis-x's avatar
anubis-xHobbyist General Artist
OO; now this is some gorgeous Scenery Porn!
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KonekoRyu General Artist
o_o well shoot! now I feel bad @_@ I can't even focus enough to finish 1 sketch in a single sitting! @_@
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adamnorde583Professional General Artist
is anyone else experiencing problems with their pages? ...or is it just me?
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shaunC General Artist
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mattauiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks fantastic. Congratulations on #200! I've been following you most of the way. :)
adamnorde583's avatar
adamnorde583Professional General Artist
sire,perry, you've outdone yourself this issue!!
simply .....glorious!!!

i'm so awe-struck at it's magnitude!!

adamnorde583's avatar
adamnorde583Professional General Artist
mmmm!! brittany turns me on when she gets all physical-like!!

.......she's my kind of woman!!!
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KergonanHobbyist Writer
You are as awesome as ever, sir!
jrcarter's avatar
Words fail me.
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Heh, liking hte large-scale battle, some very cool designs and fighting styles showing up there, and the ancient myan robots are pretty interesting too.
lazer22's avatar
all i can do is grin and hold back wanting to shout "YOOOOOO JOOOOE!"
adamnorde583's avatar
adamnorde583Professional General Artist
when is it gonna drop?...
i'm so gonna buy this issue !!!
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ParticalMassHobbyist Photographer
Wut? No Action Time Buddies in thar? knuk knuk.. just kidding!
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ackanimeProfessional Digital Artist
Ah shit, man. I was just looking at my first issue of GD and seeing how far you've come from then to now just blows me away :) Please, oh god, please tell me you'll post at least the finished sketch of this.
adamnorde583's avatar
adamnorde583Professional General Artist
mmmm! brittany doing more of her specialty....

smashing her fists into, and karate kicking the crap out of
large monsters!!!

... ooh, how much i love her and gold digger!!
... more that mere words can express!!!
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jojo-againHobbyist Traditional Artist
EPIC, I looking forward to see done XD
man, things are never easy for Gina
BigStevieCool's avatar
BigStevieCoolProfessional General Artist
id call this super mega EPIC!
Ragehoof's avatar
Huh... is it bad that I can recognize every character at first glance? >.>
Jimbobob5536's avatar
That's a lot of action. My favorite part is probably Brianna and the peebo.
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HobbsEndProfessional General Artist
Wow...Two hundred issues! Congrats my friend! To be honest, your comic is the only one I've ever followed from issue one, and I've never been disappointed. Thank you for all your hard work!
DragenGD's avatar
Looking great so far!
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Lonzo1 General Artist
Wow...I can't begin to describe this..I mean...WOW!
partz7's avatar
So this what Mayans' predicted would happen in 2012. Nice G.I. Joe plane in upper left
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