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Some of my friends have some really nice kickstarters going on and they asked me to tell you about them!

Robby Bevard, a colorist who has worked on everything from Steam Wars to Iron Man, has always wanted to say
see the first 50 issues of Gold Digger in color. He's offered to do it at cut rate, but he still needs to pay the bills while he's taking a half dozen months off to do it.
The GD color project kickstarter is over here:…

Meanwhile Tony G. (Sorry Tony. I've never been able to spell your last name) Has a project he's been working on with Wes Hardiman for a long time! Feels like a more gritty Skies of Arcadia.
Their kickstarter is over here:…

Thanks for checking them out!


Fred Perry
United States
Current Residence: San Antonio
Favourite style of art: manga, anime


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Gojira012 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
so what happened to tanya
toushin12 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018
is this aura magic

Sorcery is a school of magic that centers around channeling Mana, a natural force that exists everywhere, it can be molded by those who are trained or have a natural gift. Early on an implement and/or words might be needed, but these have no real power of their own but are used to reinforce the user's will. They become a Focus upon which the practitioner of Sorcery can concentrate their thoughts when forming a spell. As the practitioner gets better they no longer need the Focus and are able to instantly cast spells simply by sheer will alone. 


Magical items can still be made using Sorcery. The Sorcerer/Sorceress channels their will into an items and draws or carves various geometric shapes onto the item. These are the [[Sacred Geometric Shapes…]] which govern the universe. Using the Sacred Geometric Shapes on the item forces the magical energy in the item to retain the will of the one who crafted it. These same shapes can also be used to draw more energy into the item so it doesn't have to be recharged with more energy by the user.


Sorcery is not an easy school of magic to master. It requires a strong will or a natural gift to directly channel Mana in such a way. It’s the most flexible school of magic because it’s not dependent upon fixed spells, but allowing the practitioner to mold the energy in any way they choose by sheer will alone. This makes Sorcery the most powerful of all of the schools of magic. Sorcery was developed in the West originally and a variation was also developed in the East. Both schools have seen adoption world wide and have pretty much melded together rather than remaining separate.


Alien-monster208 Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
Hello, Mr. perry. If Tactics Elemental were a webtoon, who do you think will be the suitable voice actors for all of the characters?
TheRedRipper Featured By Owner May 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What are your thoughts on Atlantic Press forcibly cancelling Jawbreakers?

Don't you think your comics could be in danger as well?
UltrabotUltimus Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Hobbyist
Man I hope someone commissions you to do a BlazeBlu pairing of Ragna and Taokaka
quannage Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Professional General Artist
huge Golddigger fan. would love to see you take a stab at a mainstream book one day (just a one-shot). 
Keep up the good work.
7895l Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018
I love your comic.You are amazing, my fovirite is What Didn't Happen 419: Bryt’s Home Cumming.I love mini fit sexy giantess And Not WarNerd is amazing too.Thanku you. that you also created such comics, and you did it better than others, you are the best.☺️
Cube-with-a-heart Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Artist

Good luck, inspiration and success in creativity! : D
I probably said this a lot but I would love it if you made a StarFuxxx part 2 with a scene with Sly the raccoon and Krystal.
BloodyZham Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018
I think I'm here because of the Stacy's Mom animatic?

Eh, either way, you've got good art and that's good enough for me!
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