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Jewish Graveyard III

On the tour with my bike i decided to drive to an old jewish graveyard. I think it was worth.

Located: Germany - Baden Württemberg - Schmieheim

edit: new version, higher quality and new border

2nd edit: removed disturbing unsharp leave, canged the color of the red leaves, and added another border
compare it: [link]

featured here: [link]
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Wonderful photo! :)
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What a delightful sight! Kind of a waste of space, but it's the message that counts!
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nochr vorHaskalische denkMaeler?
 oder OstJuden?
selten in Deutschland
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oh gosh, it is so beautiful
What is it with Jewish graveyards in Europe? I hunted down another picture I loved and it was from a Jewish graveyard in Russia. Nice to know that it wasn't just Russia but the Jewish part that seems to be so pretty. Thanks,
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I love this picture. Incredible.
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Graveyards are always neat places
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This is a beautiful picture 👻🎑
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Cemeteries are among some of the oldest Jewish monuments.
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Love this graveyard, I hope you don't mind that I used it in a layout I made
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I want to live there.
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I must say, this is very beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for posting it~
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Aw fukin beautiful...
well Graveyards in Mexico are a mix of desert bath
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That is so beautiful. Who wouldn't wanna be buried there?
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Frederik - Guten Abend -

I created an account here because I could not get your email to work. It kept getting returned. I really like your Jewish Graveyard III, but it appears you do not offer a print. I was wondering if I can get some kind of permission to have a poster made of this here in the USA. Or maybe you have a print afterall. Let me know. I am an artist, but I have yet to post any works. First I have to learn how to navagate around this website.

Danke und Aufwiedersehen

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Amazing gallery!!!
I´ve used this pic for this deviant, [link] .
Thank you!!
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I love graveyards!!
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Beautiful shot - the atmosphere is perfect :)
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i love the moss on the head stones, and how the head stones are all very unique shaped
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You were featured here: [link] !
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