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Jewish Graveyard II

On the tour with my bike i decided to drive to an old jewish graveyard. I think it was worth.
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Wonderful picture... I really appreciate it. Good work...
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Borrowed your image to make a spoof advert for twitter feed @headprotagonist - Hope you like it
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i am artist. i recreate paintings/photos out of fabric and sell them at galleries. this photograph is very special to me. i would love to recreate it in fabric. i am asking your permission to do so.
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i love this picture . i make pctorial art /lanscape quilts that i sell at galleries. i would love to have your permission to create an art quilt based off of this photo.
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Wow~ This is VERY beautiful. It was worth taking indeed! :D Awesome job ^^
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amazing graveyard photos. Each and every one of them is a perfect composition. Great work man.
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Beautiful, haunting, and majestic.
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I like your entire gallery very much and just spend really good time looking around here. :) You choose such nice places to take pictures. I like the fir trees here and the shades against the mist. A very atmospheric picture, I think it gives just the right feeling like you got when being in such a place yourself.
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This great work is featured! [link] :D
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Very pretty.
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This photo evokes such a sense of calmness and serenity. Beautiful.
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I like how this photo goes far in few layers. There is a significant change in exposure and details in them. Good work.
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:+fav: :+fav: :+fav:
--> these pics rule!
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omg, wo hast du das pic gemacht?!
der Friedhof kommt mir soo bekannt vor x.X'
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ach echt? in schmieheim :)
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I love your photos of the jewish graveyard. They give this amazingly calm feeling, i can imagine hearing nothing but the gentle wind in the trees. The simple colours are beautiful to look at. I really can't find anything to complain about. :+fav:
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Fantastisches Photo. Beeindruckend!
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Wow, ja das sieht auch fantastisch aus... Wunderschönes dunkel grün! :aww:
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