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YCH - Kleeia

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The branch antlers with the grapes made me so happy when I noticed- this piece is so much fun!

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Well, I can't take credits for this design, since I just followed the references, so I will agree with you: I like the idea too. OvO

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I love her design so much

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Well, I can't take credits for it.

I think she is the one who make the design:

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SOB. Thanks so much for always working with me. Your art style is so good. One of my top fav artists really! Can't wait to work with you again.

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Thanks, thanks and more thanks! \OvO/

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How did you draw this? Please tell me. And no I'm not joking/kidding.

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That's is a vage question... How do you want me to answer that? O.o

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Personally I consider these two drawings to be my "best" drawings in years. But I feel like I could do a better job. But how?

Please leave constructive feedback on these two drawings.

What are some "pros", what are some "cons"? And what can I do to make better drawings than these next time?

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There is nothing I can say in text that would help you. I would need to draw on top so you can see what is right and wrong.

But know this: you need human figure knowledge. There is no way you can improve without knowing muscles, skeleton, how to break a human body into simple shapes, etc.

Your art is very amateur, like I used to draw when I was a teenager, which means you haven't started to learn properly yet. You are drawing by memory, not by knowledge. You can try be a self-learner, but if you take a course, you would get better faster.

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ah, there's the four-armed one :) but this one seems to have a different 'extra-shoulder' musculature

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We need a biologist to help us here...

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You much welcome =w=

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Amazingly beautiful work! ❤️🤗

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