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#135 Steam and Metal

By FreddyPines
Pikachu crying plz Pikachu crying plz Pikachu crying plz  WAAAAAHHH AHM SO HAPPY T^T i've never drawn anthros or furries before and this is my first attempt at doing so :crying: rvmp 

btw this is an entry for Anthro Challenge #137 (<-- click the link!! if you want to know more about it i mean o-o)

a lot of research went into this artwork  Sweating a little... Sweating a little...  i mean seriously, a lot T^T*sob* i'm not even sure about the real difference between anthros and furries since there are lots of different definitions for them even here on DASweating a little...  i'm not really certain if i did get the gist of them stuff but from what i've looked up, anthros are (from how i see the multiple tabs in my google windowT^T) - basically anything not human that has human features Meow :3  i think. like umm, robots! that's the first thing that popped in my head, sorryT^T or uhhhh, mickey mouse, probably? ok nevermind -__- why is it so hard to deal with inborn stupidityFacepalm :crying: rvmp  anyways i also searched for steampunk stuff because i haven't drawn steampunk stuff beforeReally Sad Really Sad Really Sad  i guess anything's steampunk as long as there's mostly brownish goldish(lol) colors, pipes, steam, gears, and uhh, more stuff 0^0. and uhh, the fashion style must be way back from the 19th century. i think.

soo uhhmm, because i'm me, i drew the sketch for this 2 days before the deadline because procrastination is my best bud T^T for those who have seen my previous digital art, you guys might understand how this is a big deal for me since i only get to use the computer 4 hours each evening and mostly 2 more early morning aaaaaand i only use a mouse cos we can't afford a tablet T^T^T^T.

I ended up using the original sketch for this artwork and even tho i hurried up more than usual, i'm really happy it still turned out decent :crying: rvmp :crying: rvmp :crying: rvmp :crying: rvmp :crying: rvmp :crying: rvmp  i guess tight situations can give you more room to grow too T^T this is my first time to use this kind of style and uhhh, nothing ahmjustreally happy with how this turned out Happy cry (Tears of joy) Happy cry (Tears of joy) Happy cry (Tears of joy) Happy cry (Tears of joy)  thanks for the support!! and so sorry for ranting too much againSweating a little... Sweating a little... 
stay ohsohm guysss *thumbsup* ^U^

tabletMOUSE: Logitech B100 (don't mind this one ahmjustreallyhappyigetdachancetodrawdigitallyT^THappy cry (Tears of joy) 
Software: mostly Paint Tool SAI, a little bit of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Time Taken: about 6-8 hours T^T

mouse userrrr!!!!!!!!! ^U^ Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee 
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© 2016 - 2021 FreddyPines
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This is really freaking cool, wow?? I don't even know how to say how cool this is, I can't believe I didn't see this before now :ohnoes:
Keep up the great work! :happybounce:
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haha thanks again!!! TT^TT actually i was just gonna ask you about furries since you draw them a lot ^^; tbh i'm not even sure if i understand that whole concept properlylolXD i was hoping i could get some ideas from you about those stuff??? if you have time of course man i'msoembarassingahmreallysorry*goesreallyred0-0*

lol don't mind de awkwardness XD
ThatFurryArtist's avatar
No no that's fine! :D What did you want to ask? If it's just in general about the concept of 'furries', then it's a very broad term that people choose to classify themselves as - they might like making fursuits of their character, drawing anthropomorphic animals (like your art above), might just generally like the idea of them, etc :D
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hmmmm *nods* hokay then! i just wanted to clear up my thoughts about the whole anthro and furry thing ^^; thanks again!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
ThatFurryArtist's avatar
No worries :D If you have any other questions let me know!
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sure sure *nods some morelol*XD :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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And right out from left field... Amazing, work, mon ami! Love the colours so much
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thanks mistah!!!! brofist brofist brofist Bro Fist Bro Fist Bro Fist  by the way i had to search for what bon ami meant ^^; seriously i'm really honored to recieve this title TT^TT :hapcry: :crying: rvmp happy cry XD  thanks again! here's another brofist for being such a great friend:crying: rvmp Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Sweating a little...  :brofist: 
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yo... you have no idea how much i love this...

like steampunk-like things are one of my faves... and then.... furries

DUDE.... why u soo amazing at like... everything!?

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werps slr T^T btw i can't stahplaughing right now :randomlaugh:  i just remembered this one scene from pitch perfect 2 where they mentioned jellylol XDXDXD haha thanks so much!!! gaahhh my heartX( it really means a lot for me to have these comments pop up on my browser *sobsobsob* :crying: rvmp :crying: rvmp :crying: rvmp Miuna Crying Icon  thanks again pal!!! and here's more brofists too (i'm nearing maximum hype toololXD) Bro Fist Bro Fist Bro Fist Bro Fist Bro Fist Bro Fist 
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omfg lol yees xD

i'm glad it makes you happy ;w; omg


*blasts off in the oblivion of space*
Team Rocket Blasting Off Again
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This is so pretty, I love it *-*
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haha thanks so much!!! Sweating a little... Sweating a little...  seriously that meant a lot TT^TT *sniffle*
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Hahaha you're welcome c:
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