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2016 Surta by Freddy-kun 2016 Surta :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 0 1
Its leaves were the softest of greens, as though the dove and the olive had become one in the dawn that saw the ark to land, and how tiny! How diminutive! O, but each was a gift. The dove of the trunk, reaching gray for the light, each slim twig it had grown so diligently bowing to the earth by the weight of these leaves, their unassuming shape touching the air with the grace of their olive father, and I sought to hold them. To brush my fingertips through them. To turn them gently and marvel at the color, the texture. Yet a mere instant before my trembling hand met the equally agitated leaflets, swaying in the breeze as though of its own accord, I caught sight of the thorns hidden among them, lying in wait to sting the unwary. O, acacia, I pulled away from you, and knew in that instant that I had done you wrong, just as myself all these years. Recoiling from my own thorns, never realizing they are not ugly things, but beautiful ferocity, a desire to see the next day, to not be consumed
:iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 1 4
Surta Lieu by Freddy-kun Surta Lieu :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 3 3 Bruce Running by Freddy-kun Bruce Running :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 2 1 Helmetless Mituna by Freddy-kun Helmetless Mituna :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 15 1 Mituna Captor Shimeji by Freddy-kun Mituna Captor Shimeji :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 452 228 Pull 9ver by Freddy-kun Pull 9ver :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 108 46
Mr. Brightside Interpretation
My interpretation for The Killers' song, Mr. Brightside.
A Saturday night. He hadn't really expected to meet up with anyone. Let alone her.  He hadn't meant to find the one unavailable girl in all that time and space.
Colin was never one for being popular. Then again, he wasn't really even all that memorable. He certainly hadn't meant to fall for the beauty queen. Stella. She was so beautiful. He didn't know how to deal with it. He didn't know what he was supposed to do with the only non-lonely feelings he'd had all his adult life. Then she met Derek and his chances were gone, just like that. He shrank back into his tiny bubble of introverted isolation. It was all he could do not to cry.
A Saturday night. His first attempt. He had decided that he couldn't do it anymore. He had to do… something. So he went out. On his own. He went to a new place, one where he knew no one, and he tried. He came out of the cage he'd hidden himself in all his life, and he smiled. He l
:iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 0 0
-Title Here- Pt 1
Kayla yawned and sat up in bed. Today was the very first day of being an adult, a graduated student. She relished the thought of having all that time stretched in front of her, with no obligations to speak of yet. There was a graduation party that night, but other than that, smooth sailing.
She pulled herself out of bed and stretched, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Long legs and auburn hair framing green eyes. Who wouldn't want a piece of that? Too bad she wasn't up for grabs tonight. She was meeting someone. They weren't exactly graduated, but she had made sure they would be at the party. Kayla pulled her hair into a ponytail and started her search for something to wear. Down went the dresses and skirts. Down went the tight jeans she so loved but didn't feel like wearing in this heat. Shorts weather. Shorts and a tank that just barely hinted at midriff. Perfect. Throwing the on, she got out her special greek sandals and held them by their straps while she went downstairs
:iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 0 9
The TARDIS Makes A Choice
After that awkward conversation, the Doctor sat in the TARDIS, pondering. He had many things to ponder, after all. He was going to be a father? He'd been a father of sorts before... A lifetime ago. She'd been sweet… and too much like him. It hurt his hearts to remember her and the violence that had befallen her.
He sighed and laced his fingers, resting his chin on them. Could he possibly deal with another child? It wasn't too late to change history… was it? His brow furrowed. To go and change something that could become monumental to his timestream… It could easily rip a hole in the universe. Furthermore… Could he do that to River? She'd seemed so happy. She truly wanted this child… He didn't think he could find it in himself to take that from her. Even if it hurt him.
Slowly the ancient man stood up and looked at his console. Leaning against the various switches, he gazed gently toward the center where he knew her soul lay.
"What do you think, old girl? We've
:iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 0 0
A Woman for the Doctor
The first time the Doctor saw Jenny, he assumed she was a miracle, even though he usually did not believe in such things. Her soft red hair was filled with curls, and her mossy green eyes stared at him as if he were the most interesting creature in all the universe, small shell lips turned up at the corners. She was one of those few born with a smile on their mouths, but it was the Doctor who knew she had to be the most interesting creature in all the universe. Which was why the first words out of his mouth as he took her small, slender hands in his one big one were "Being very rusty at this sort of thing, you may forgive me if a very old man tears up at seeing something so strange and so beautiful."
He'd almost missed meeting her for the first time for the first time. While travelling alone one day, he happened upon an old home atop a hill. It was beautiful and quaint. The Doctor was drawn to it, perhaps a gentle urging by the TARDIS in bringing him to that hill. He'd had a lot on his
:iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 6 6
Danger Days
Inspired by the album Danger Days: Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance
~~~Na Na Na~~~
How could he have been so blind, he wondered later, after the epiphany struck in the rain slicked city. The tie strangling his throat had never before felt so tight. He had to escape. This wasn't what it was all about, not by a long shot. Staring down at the briefcase in his hand, his life's work, he was disgusted and ashamed. He threw it down into the muddy cobblestones. Dirty money that was clean, like this, was hypocrisy and a lie. If he would deal in dirty money, he would deal in dirty dirty money. Stripping the leash from his neck, the lone young man turned his back on the Company his father and his father before him had invested so much in and delved into the drugged, dirty-moneyed underworld.
He led an angry, dirty life. And it was exhilarating. Away from the Company, he found more of life. Danger, freedom, greed, lust, and dirty sin. Laws were broken, lives thre
:iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 2 0
I Want Only You
I want to hold you when you cry...
I want to see you smile when you're happy...
I want to hear you laugh... forever...
I want to take care of you when you're sick...
I want to pick you up when you fall down...
I want to take you away from everything unhappy...
I want to carry you to everything you love...
I want to know everything about you.
I want to be everything I can for you...
I want to see everything you become...
I want to be there for every dream you achieve...
I want to be the one to walk toward you in white...
I want to see my babies call you daddy...
I want to hold you until we're old and silver haired with little rugrat grandkids surrounding us...
I want to lie beside you for enternity, even when all has become silence...
:iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 2 0
The Mouse-Dolphin by Freddy-kun The Mouse-Dolphin :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 14 7 Happy Birthday, Alex by Freddy-kun Happy Birthday, Alex :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 1 14 Photo of Photo of Phantom by Freddy-kun Photo of Photo of Phantom :iconfreddy-kun:Freddy-kun 3 0

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MCR comic - Height problems by Chocoreaper MCR comic - Height problems :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 724 418 Double Dragon by Deligaris Double Dragon :icondeligaris:Deligaris 10,545 668 The Fairy Thief by purplepricklypear3 The Fairy Thief :iconpurplepricklypear3:purplepricklypear3 6 8 Neville Longbottom by irishgirl982 Neville Longbottom :iconirishgirl982:irishgirl982 913 176 .little wishes. by MisplacedMemories .little wishes. :iconmisplacedmemories:MisplacedMemories 23 25 AtM: Food for Thought. by eychanchan AtM: Food for Thought. :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 10,231 2,710
The Host - Ian - After Wanda
   Ian awoke to darkness, sprawled across the mattress on his back. He felt that something was off, but he didn't know what. Yawning, he sat up and stretched. He turned to the side, smiling, expecting to see Wanda laying on the other side of the mattress, asleep, but she wasn't there. His smile disappeared.
   "Wanda?" He received no answer.
   He sprang to his feet and rushed to the red door that was blocking the exit. He wrenched it out of the way and it landed on the dirty, stone ground with a bang! Not bothering to lift it back into place, Ian ran full speed to the kitchen. Oh please, let her be in there! Please, he thought to himself.
   Ian skidded to a stop in the kitchen; looking around the cave room he saw Andy, Paige, Brandt, Lily, Aaron, Sharron, Maggie, Trudy, Heidi, Geoffrey, Travis, Heath, Jeb, and Jared.
   Noticing Ian's obvious distress, Jeb stood up from sitting on a large rock. "Ian, what's the problem?"
   Ian stood there, saying not a single word, wid
:iconjakedau:Jakedau 68 118
Evil Eye Part1 by iesnoth Evil Eye Part1 :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 23 29
artemis's anoying cousin
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! Except a computer. And little Damien here heheheh
Artemis sat there wondering which did come first the chicken or the egg?
Then his mom came in with a five-year-old boy jumping up and down with a bag of sugar. Obviously sugar high.
"Arty I need you to baby-sit Damien your cousin while I'm out."
Ah yes Damien the little whirlwind that spilt Pepsi on his laptop and called butler a shaved Hagrid and Artemis a vampire.
Artemis sighed "Very well mother but butler must help."
"Ok Arty dear." With that Angelene left.
Damien promptly sat on Artemis's lap looked him in the eye and said, "I'm obnoxious!"
"Indeed butler would you make him take a bath so he doesn't bother me."
"yes sir." Said butler and tried to grab Damien but the being the little kid he was Damien dodged butler's arms and jumped on top of Artemis yelling "Bother bother bother!!!" Butler grabbed Damien and took him out of the room.
Five minuets later Damien ran back into Artemis's room we
:iconartemisrox:artemisrox 7 17
Artemis Fowl OC stamp by iesnoth Artemis Fowl OC stamp :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 37 41 Tribal Bat 2 by xx-trigrhappy-xx Tribal Bat 2 :iconxx-trigrhappy-xx:xx-trigrhappy-xx 76 10 Check-Mate by arcuate Check-Mate :iconarcuate:arcuate 407 87 Foaly Theory by kerisu Foaly Theory :iconkerisu:kerisu 215 31
i respect these people, all of these pics are a link from me to you saying LOOK AT THIS ARTIST'S ART, and this happens to be my fav from them.

that didnt make any sense at all...
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If this had been a year ago, I would have been lurking this site, ashamed and confused. A year ago I didn’t know a lot of things about myself, including my sexual orientation and even my gender identity. I thought I was totally cis and straight, and I was ashamed of it. Because it didn’t feel right and it didn’t feel good and I hated the way other people saw me because of it. 
Now I know that I’m actually genderfluid. I saw it in myself since I was a little kid, but brushed it off. Now that I can actually recognize it, it’s easier. I don’t like to make a big deal about it, and I don’t want to change anything of myself through medical stuff, so just continuing to use she/her pronouns is totally fine. Don’t worry about it. Even if I’m having a “dude day” I don’t want to make people change how they see me. Obviously this isn’t for everyone, and all genderfluid people should be respected no matter how they choose to present, but this is my personal way of dealing with it.
I’ve also come out as bisexual to my friends and family. Though it may be closer to polysexual? I’m still not sure on that one entirely. Androgynous people are pretty too. I have a boyfriend of 5 months and no plans to ever date a woman or anyone else, but it’s still something I had to deal with. The idea of being with a woman was terrifying to me, simply because I wanted to give birth someday. Now I know that’s silly, and women are suddenly much more attractive?? Needs more thought lol.
I am a white passing half Mexican genderfluid woman with ADHD and trichotillomania, committed to a boyfriend but attracted to more than just cis men, in an environment that is safe for me, and I still have trouble accepting all of me. If you are in a position to let others see who you are, it’s okay if you aren’t okay with showing them yet. And if you are not in that position, you are still 100% valid. No one is allowed to tell you that you are not.
Well, guess fucking what. It is July, 2017, almost exactly ten months after I made this ^^^ journal, and, uh, I was totally fucking wrong. But that's okay. It happens. Long story short, I'm trans. I'm a boy. I'm a bisexual transgender boy dating a transgender lady. And I couldn't be happier.

I realized there was still a lot of pain here, when I was hiding under the genderfluid flag. I was so afraid of being a boy. I didn't want to be. I wanted sooooo hard to be a girl, I needed to still be a girl, at least sometimes. Part of that was due to the man I was dating. He was heterosexual. I... am not a woman. But I wanted to be, so badly, to assure him. But every time he asked me if I was trans, I couldn't give him a straight answer. There was always this fear of "but what if...?" Turns out I was right to think that. The other part of that was to assure my mother. I'm the eldest of three, and the only one assigned female at birth. My mother gave me a beautiful, unique, meaningful name, and I still struggle with the fact that I cannot continue using it. And I don't know what to do with it. I don't want to give it to my future child for the same reason I don't want it for myself. It's... It's so girly. I love it but oh my god. I wanted so bad to be my mommy's beautiful little girl that it just tore me up by the time I realized how wrong I felt.

I never knew as a kid. I was for all intents and purposes, a normal cis little girl. Not every trans person knows, but not every trans person has no idea, like I did. Now when I look back, there's some stuff that was obvious, makes me go "how the fuck did I think I was cis????", but back then, I thought girls just... did that. Like, when i was eleven, I took an after school swing dance class. There weren't enough boys in the class, so I was one of the kids chosen to dance a male role. I remember thinking "Yes. Goooood. I didn't want to dance the girl part anyway." Sure, the spinning bits were fun on the ladies' side, but something in me just really wanted to be seen as a boy dancer, not a girl dancer. That's just one of many examples, but it's the one that sticks out. And still, I had NO CLUE.

So there you have it. I'm a boy. My name is Alder, but you can call me Freddy if you like. It's very nice to meet you all. Let me know if you have any questions, I'll gladly answer. Thank you.


Alder, or Fred
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I really need to get an upgrade to premium so I can change my username to KiwiLApple. Freddy-kun has been a wonderful username for a long time, but I identify way more with KiwiLApple. It's my tumblr account as well :3



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