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November 28, 2012
Third type encounter by ~Fred-H
Suggested by gdpr-16812140
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Third type encounter

This pic was made this summer for a contest on, ranked 2nd ^^ I figured i never posted this one on my DA, so here it is =)

Edit : Thanks a LOT for the DD and everybody who commented & faved this one, obviously i can't reply to you all but my best wishes are for you guys !
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I wonder how you felt doing this one. I've been watching it for a little while now. It depicts many wordless things in me. I love it. Please tell your insights on this!
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Very magical,love it
third kind is seeing an alien, right?
great picture!!!
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I've just caught this picture out of the corner of my eye whilst randomly surfing DA sci-fi. wow beautiful work. well done :
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I found it through the youtube ambient piece, "Pleiadian Friend". It was a marvelous find. I love the music too. It's a great background to have on while doing other possibly productive things, or just chilling, of course.
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I love this
This image was used for a thumbnail for an ambient chill video that was uploaded to youtube, and there were several people there inquiring as to the source of the artwork. So I posted this webpage's link there to answer those questions. This forum seems to not want to allow me to post that video's link here, so if you search for ''Pleiadian Friend (ambient / psychill / psybient mix)'' you'll find it. It's actually a great mix (and no, I don't own the video). 
Hi Fred, this is really outstanding , I would love to buy a poster copy ? Anjula :)
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beautiful i love it 
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ohhhhhhhhh type 3 civilzation encounter, im gald they still have time to communicate with us like 0.1 type civilization :))

im happy to see this kind of art related to extraterestial beings.
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It is possible to buy that as a print from you? I really want to have this awesome picture to hang on my wall :)
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 I would like to buy it too!
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So I saw this image on youtube for an ambient mix, and went on a hunt.
Eventually I found you through a third party site!
Let me just say that your work is awesome, and absolutely inspiring!!
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A double thumbs-up for this!
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I have found these piece of art while listening to a ambient/psychill/psybient mix, called "Pleiadian Friend" on youtube. Very relaxing and imagination provocing...
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beautiful imagination,brilliant work.
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Fantastic work!
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Excellent work!! Congrats on DD!!
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wow beautiful love the light and the contrast between the good and bad
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