Awakening Cometh!

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I am stupidly excited to pick up my copy of Awakening tomorrow. The story in Dragon Age: Origins was so engrossing, I can't wait to see how it evolves. And...King Alistair. Need I say more?

To celebrate Awakening, a number of the ladies in the We <3 Alistair group on the BioWare Social Network ( have been making edible art. You can see my contribution here (…) and here (…). For all of the edible art, check out the post on the BioWare boards here (…).


~ Freckles
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I won't have it tomorrow, I'm so sad!

Ya'll are crazy with the baking though. It's really cool.
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Oh no! That sucks. Are you getting it soon?

I am being very good at staying away from the Awakening forum so I don't get spoiled. I want to know nothing! :)
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If I get a job, its the first thing I'm buying! I got the original game for Christmas, so I have to fork over my own money for the expansion. lol

I'm going to get spoiled, I just know it. I think I'll be ok with it though, at least I'll be prepared for happiness/disappointment.