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About Digital Art / Professional Maggie McDermott29/Female/United States Recent Activity
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removing cheap jewelry, my hands smell like iron ore, I run or
I walk, whichever my feet are willing to explore
your touch is like a hidden stash of metal-to-be
deep within a mountain out East, always unseen
now my feet aren’t willing to dig holes for extraction
no, they’re just too distracted by another moor made of iron ore
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 1 0
as i washed the dirt off of your body, i was reminded of why it is that i love you
i care about whether or not you stand up straight, feel like yourself, and love me back
that's when i realized that my thoughts race as fast as the soap bubbles that gently multiplied from the sponge i used to lather you up, what a rush
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 1 0
at last, the answer is as part of me as the question
knowing how to properly bend without transgression
is the heaviest heaven i have found, hands down
i'll never forget all the times we died,
or all ten thousand times i've cried:
"i am yours and you are mine"
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 0 2
i am full, you are new
we are a garden worth watering
i am a moon who has found her face
and you're my curious astronaut
i wouldn't have it any other way
we will send the sun our regards
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 2 2
who's lips sink ships?
who doesn't love soup in the morning when they're sick?
we have eyes, thumbs, and feelings but they're just human beings standing alone, throw them a bone and they'll swallow it whole, wondering
who threw that?
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ice cream
with nothing to lose, I muttered to you "I like your shoes" while sipping my booze at quarter to two, what a muse you were and you actually remember, I'm glad that you do
pink yellow blue pink yellow blue
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 1 0
Mature content
boomerang :iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 1 0
Mature content
y2k :iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 0 0
it's with a heavy foot that i drove home from a honeymoon, and honey your moon aches as much as my sun - this is how i know that we're not alone
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 2 0
peripherals unravel as your skin adapts to my freezing hand
this is the way my body has chosen to move, regardless of bone
a temple can't be built from crossing wires and counting hours
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 1 0
braid it into my spine
this is a shared delight
it grinds my gears in a good way
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 0 0
my lips are chapped from all of the pirouettes, not only that, but my trip to Laputa and back has me feeling so verbose
as we lay here standing our ground, picking it up and throwing shit down
it’s a wonder how i can put all of this to good use
in the meantime, you can find me trimming Medusa’s roots thinking i've never thrown a rock at a rebel
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 1 0
big beautiful man, get over here and contend so we can partake or make bacon
please talk to my face with your eyes, crack my laugh wide open with your cryptic cocktail of context clues – i know what i’m doing and the jungle that ensues
math me up, dress me down, drink it now, chalk it up to time taking the wheel i almost veered myself away entirely, but every time i collapse on my own or collide with you i know us better than i did before, you fucking tall drink of water – we remind me of juice evolving
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 1 0
help me braid my fuse over time into an elegant knot as galactic as it is entrancing to engineer i will be here shaking an eight ball until it's time to eat my own confetti and go to bed
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 0 0
this isn't your cross to bear
i just wanted to say that
1507 cigarettes had been subject
to my pondering over what your
clothes smelled like or how it felt
to touch your nape again and again
my feet were incurably cold
but no one could ever make them warm
so i smoked another cigarette
for the sight of your legs had fled me
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 1 0
had to take a trip aloof
deconstruct all my truths
order pancakes for two
there's so much to say but not enough time, gall, or rain to say it today
excuse me if i just want to inspect and lick the back of your teeth
i'm aware of the fires we jump through in the name of the reverent ways we have always entangled into an abysmal tango
but you need to light love on fire from time to time, comb the ornery embers out and learn that the name of the game is indeed as flammable as it is inconvenient to shuffle the feelings away or forget about it
:iconfrecklehammer:frecklehammer 0 0
Maggie McDermott 2007 - 2016.


geode holder
blue ceaser, pull your line
up against the grain, then hold
all of your sticky math
back from my name and I will say when I am ready
:iconlasagnabomb:lasagnabomb 3 1
Star Guardian Album Cover by Zeronis Star Guardian Album Cover :iconzeronis:Zeronis 4,904 73
things that go bump in the night
absence makes the heart a monster.
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 109 51
stick to boys in books
one through eight were toys,
but they played me
before i could get the drop on them
nine was a rigid type,
lost in his own nebula,
careening before i could 
save him from himself
ten did not know how to
share anything and he
silenced his own idolatry
without assistance
eleven was tantalizing paper
and ink radiance, but he
boiled over before completion
and left me gelid and lost
twelve was a fairytale,
consistent sunsets and snuggles,
kisses keeping sanity intact...
the printing press model for boys
they just don't make them like they used to
:iconithaswhatitisnt:ithaswhatitisnt 18 17
you're the coffee
paint by numbers and my writers block
are having sex again. i can't do anything
creative on my own anymore. we are
scattered snapshots, disorganized,
not in order, and i'm my own "out of order"
sign on a bathroom stall door in a public
washroom. my clavicles won't let go of my ankles.
i sleep in diagonals and wake up with
"i-slept-all-wrong" and "i-have-a-stiffness-
i had intercourse with purity,
i used dirt as laundry detergent,
i slept with insomnia as my pillow,
and this morning i ate my hygiene
in the shower. tan lines were typewritten
on my cheeks when i wore your ugly
fingers. you are the coffee stain of
i-wish-i-didnt-do-that on my teeth.
you are the wine stain of i-don't-remember-
without the i-don't-remember part and minus
the wine. let's go fishing and reel in some
of that makeup that covers up upper left
hand placements and downright fuckups.
my notebook is a room and all the letters
are all t
:iconawasteof-paint:Awasteof-paint 472 332
when you are mine i sit in my mother's kitchen wearing polka-dot dresses, tangling my feet together and trying to remember what you told me about love. you keep what i've told you in the back of your wallet and i wonder if you ever read it. i will drink flat diet coke and sing to you on the phone and neither of us even mind that my voice is as flat as the coke.
when you are mine you play piano on the bones in my hands and you play guitar on my spine and your friends ask why but we both know you do it for the freckles on my shoulderblade and collarbone and for the auschwitz movies we cry over every sunday in my basement. your tongue slips on my coffee burns and you don't have to ask why.
when you are mine we have banana pancakes every thursday and you tell me about the plants and the war and your birth. i read to you from my book of byron and you say, it's so pretty julia, it's so pretty.
:iconreverberations:Reverberations 27 28
tripped down runs
in hose, all wonder
spent on tips
of toes. the under
current of your
rhythm flows through
cloth and filament.
i've been diligent
and posed, you
arch in limbic
recline and coast.
blue fidgets
in violet throes,
losing sight
of specifics
like my eyes and thumbs.
pious grunge
and glow, when you
lose me i know
my digits have
faded. mostly
the hints bruise
and temples
compile the old
with the new.
you prove
that my numbers
are worthy
to shun.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 12 0
oak and hemp
it's the slant
of her immeasurable swindle,
her laughable attempt
at being kindling
that grasps
tinder ashes
lacking definite
impacts, she is crisp
as her tracks
in the virgin snow
no man's land,
she is quiet and
crying, told herself
she would never
cleverly bent
at the anchor and
woke at the wrist
and swished back
twenty seconds
but here in the rafters
her fenestrate being
does not contain breezes
and commits
to no cant
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 13 3
Sweet Venom (Lineart) by FikryFadhillah Sweet Venom (Lineart) :iconfikryfadhillah:FikryFadhillah 530 413
the aesthetic of being sundered
i had picked up my favorite
vase, thin fingers
sliding across painted sides,
when i realized we are the same.
we are too feeble, too exquisite
for we are composed of ceramic.
i am calm when the vase
peppers the floor, its
sharp edges approaching my feet.
but i am not done.
the slick red contrasts
with the light grey and i
am careful to remove every trace.
"we are broken," i say
"but we can be repaired for
gold dust will seal our
fragmented frames and emphasize
that this is a minuscule event.
we have use yet."
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 111 61
Drill Bits
tell the tall hardness that the softness of line
I used to process the veil
for exalting exhaustion
has reached the point becoming uncertainty
I love the nexus
:iconlasagnabomb:lasagnabomb 4 0
Yes, I Have a Penis
Yes, I Have A Penis
Do not assume (if I hold the door for you),
that I am making a statement
about your inabilities
to open the door for yourself.
If you hold it for me,
I'll say 'thankyou'.
Do not assume (if I pay for the meal),
that I am underestimating
your earning capacity
as a woman.
If you invite me out for a meal,
you're paying.
Do not assume (if I defend your rights),
that I am belittling
the attempts that you have made
to defend your rights yourself.
If you defend my rights,
I'll consider you human.
:iconsuperiorflowerpower:Superiorflowerpower 12,383 5,286
wishing your traffic light mind
would break down
& give in because
my lungs have gone black
from smoking this insanity
for far too long just to
make you love all of me.
:iconatlantic-lungs:atlantic-lungs 34 11
virid escent nostomania
i like my skies firstly blue
        powdered antique azure;
        like the dusky aged dust on chalkhill moth's-wings in attics,
                    the ones that-
                                  flutter at sundown beneath the pins behind the   yellow glass
i like my skies secondly green
        cocksuring capriciously teal;
        like the rusty old paint on beat-up millionnaires sardine-tins,
                    the ones that- 
                                  heat at sundown in the warm red dirt in fields of yellow grass
i like my
:icondrowsydoe:drowsydoe 21 3
the rocks speak
to my bones like
long lost friends
and i wonder what
i missed while my eyes
were clamped shut.
:iconseilf:Seilf 27 4
Synchronized Swimmers
The pleasure of tea
Interrupted by winged pests
Attempting to swim
:iconhaganesora:HaganeSora 10 12

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frecklehammer's Profile Picture
Maggie McDermott
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
"analog girl in a digital world"
mercury in retrograde?
she's a fraud
he's a flake 
it's very much the faint feeling
like pretending he's watching
while I'm doing dumb shit
like buying cigs
spitting on the ground
walking with purpose
no one's around, but
it's totally worth it,
consistently smirking
  • Listening to:
red has no donor
blue hasn't noticed
green isn't laughing
yellow got jaundice
orange is lonely
purple told the truth 
placating soon 
i'm palpable, boo
what's the order?
placebo for two, i'm
pragmatic towards you
incapable, too



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