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June 1, 2020
Sunflowers for George Floyd by FreckleF0x
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Sunflowers for George Floyd


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I’ve been feeling very helpless recently, frustrated that I don’t have more to give. All I can do right now is send voicemails, emails, and make art.

I’m selling a full resolution download of this piece, and all my proceeds will go to The Black Visions Collective on a monthly basis. It’s also up on my redbubble.

All lives don’t matter until Black Lives Matter.
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This is a powerful piece. We wanted to ask your permission to showcase this piece (with credit) on a livestream event for the You Will Rise Project dealing with the effects of bullying in our society. The event takes place on Sunday, April 11. Would you give us permission to include your image?

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Thank you for reaching out and asking first! I don't mind the piece being used with credit. If possible, I would like to make sure it stays connected to the BLM movement and helps garner support for that cause! Again, I appreciate it. 💗
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Gorgeous work!!

― Blake

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So beautiful💞💞💞 The emotion is so raw and inspiring! You're so talented, this is amazing!

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Wow impressive 😍👏

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AMAZING! I wish I could draw as good as that

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I appreciate your kind words! 💓
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Thanks! 🙏💓
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You’re welcome! As a fellow African American, #blacklivesmatter

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Thanks for your kind words!!!🙏💓
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Thank you! 🙏💓
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Absolutely gorgeous and love the framing and cause!

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Thank you! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
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This is frigging **superb.** What medium/media did you use? ::D

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Thank you so much 🙏
It's mostly Copic markers on paper, put then I polished it digitally with Procreate. ✨
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Thank you 🙏❤
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The portrait itself is very beautiful, and the reason why you did it makes it even more valuable! Congratulations on the DD!

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Thank you for this - I share your sentiments of helplessness and frustration, although I'm hopeful that change is in the wind. Stay strong - the power of the message will prevail!

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