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Teeehee...well I was on STAR WARS - The Force Awakens...and...oh my gosh...feels...I can't even!
Finn and Poe... I ship them so much omg!
Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 
Art by FreckledBastard
Original Characters: Finn and Poe Dameron (STAR WARS - The Force Awakens)

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Wow! Great I never think about this ship but now.. *w* Inspiring!
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No offense, but how the hell does Finn x Poe even exist!?!?!?!?
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it's called shipping honey and in this world you can ship whatever you want :) 
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I know what shipping is (I hate it)
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They're so cute! This is so cute
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Teheee~~ I feel you. MY LIFE IS RUINED BECAUSE NOW ALL I THINK ABOUT IS MY SPACE GAYS BABIES UGH. no but seriously, Finn and Poe are so pure oh my god jesus take the wheel I'm ded this is so cute. :icondoushiozoomplz:
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I love this :D one of my favourite Stormpilot pics <3 and i remember that it was one of the first Stormpilot arts on deviantart. And the best one Love 
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Sorry to butt into your conversation  No, I disagree! it sosent i look fat...
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The fun thing is the actor who plays Poe stated in an interview that he was playing the role as if Poe was "romancing" one of the characters. Considering he only really interacted with Finn....well... ;)
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Teehee >: D very good...:D
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I thought Fin had a crush on Rey but maybe I was wrong. I suspect these two are going to be more like bromance though.
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Oh god no. Why must the fangirls forget that people can just be friends. Not everyone has to be paired up...
Nice artwork tho
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but sometimes boys are not only friends ;) and the director of the next Star wars movie also retweeted a picture of Finn x Poe :D
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Aaaand your point is....?
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sorry my english is not this good/well?
What do you mean with: And your point is?
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I'm asking what your point is, but forget it. You won't understand me anyway.
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