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Elf's Ears Tutorial


THis tutorial show how to make elf's ears with a roll of a toilet paper, easy and cheap.
If it didnt matches with your skin colour, u can paint them :)

and some silly pics xDD

i hope you enjoy it :)

Thx for the help to :iconkarakaray::icondavidalex:
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Thanks for the tutorial.This will help with my Link cosplay I will do later on into the year.
BakuKuraRa's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial!
I have spent lot of time on trying to find any ears from the stores, that doesn't need to be glued to the own ear, and I really don't want to cover up my ears with tape.
This is super good way to make elf ears!
And it's super cheap, no need to worry if they break or anything, since you can always make a new ones!
Thanks again, you saved my day and cosplay! >w<
tsunderetiger's avatar
Thank you so much! ♥
Now my Zelda cosplay is complete, lol.
GetasBabe's avatar
Awesome! :D I can't use any latex and this is awesome, I will try this!
LadyLucyla's avatar
You just saved my behind for the upcoming Con where I want to cosplay as a Blood Elf.
Thank you.
Ryua's avatar
So useful for those who can't do latex...
karenyii's avatar
riki207's avatar
Thanks very much!! Actually, this is the only thing left in my cosplay~

This is a perfect guide for those who can't buy elf ears in their local stores and for those who need it in a short time~

*double thumbs up*
axemnas's avatar
AWESOME!!! Yay! now I have something I already have to make makeshift elf ears for my costume for the upcoming Renn faire. *gives digital plate of cookies* yay for saving money
LisaKelleherJewelry's avatar
You, my friend, are brilliant... Strange, but brilliant. I am using this technique for a Fairy Fest this weekend... I think I love you ;)
chocolaterainbows13's avatar
youre a savior now i dont have to buy expensive things i thank you a lot
duvessa121's avatar
Kind of remind me of Spock there. Nice job on the tutorial.
Renin-Sa's avatar
My goodness this is ridiculous.
I love it!
YouHaveMyInterest's avatar
This will help with my Youkai Hakkai cosplay :D
angelbirds235's avatar
Using this for Halloween tomorrow :) Any tips on how to make them stay on your ears? xD I used the easiest one.
Salaura's avatar
Ive made the easiest ones too, and I plan on buying some cheap clip-on earrings to clip over the elf ears to my human ones
superstarsagal12's avatar
thank you SO SO SOOOOOO much for making this!!!
drianis's avatar
Great! I'll try with my little girl! ^^
drianis's avatar
Great! I'll try with my little girl! ^^
Darkwolflink1's avatar
OMG I LOVE you! Going to go experment now we have enough toliet rolls rofl.
I love you so much right now, doing up a three different Zelda-character costumes and I need the ears but I'm having a bad time finding something other then a cheep-ass-kiddie pair. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Honeyands's avatar
so original! it's crazy!
RainbowsEatUnicorns's avatar
Ohh very helpful! I will try this later C:
MiyuTheRabbit's avatar
Wikkey-Miharu's avatar
thanks for tutorial~
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