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Design for Cause Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 24, 2010, 9:13 AM

A feature of some artworks around DA, which talk about a cause, create the awareness & make us think about them for few seconds in our regular busy lives.

Help Stop Global Warming Ad by pepey environment _id by environment National Geographic Wild by sercantunali Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Summon-The-Wolves Strength Hope Life by thestargazer23:thumb123254787: Global Warming by ahermin Save the trees 2 -Typography- by DarylBrunsden Please Panic 1 by xanthousis Extinction by shoelesspeacock Plant MORE Trees 1 by sahandsl

Conserve Rain Water by freakyframes Use for search. by freakyframes

Other Updates
Now, you can fine me on Behance Network too & Recently i have uploaded Roundups for the Singles Cover Art… i have been doing lately in dailydesign activity & the Pixel Tees…

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India Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 16, 2010, 3:24 AM

India Feature.
Random Collection of  some India related Art & Photographs around DA.

:thumb137315623: The Common Man by simplysuhas
Bharata Natyam by Piombo Magic of the Indian dance by GruberJan Lord Ganesh by thandav DRUSHTIKON - 2009 by Bheeshoom Mind It by anveshdunna Lane by aasia-loves-pink Food Fest by AbhaySingh1 Kitchen by krishnachandranu desert dawn by xanthousis Like There Is No Tomorrow by nikhil Pujari by versifier Star of India 3 by potatoganesh Shadows on the Top by dakoo FundaMental 2008 - Poster by freakyframes

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Jan,Feb and the Other Things.

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 8, 2010, 10:00 AM

Hello everyone ! Been a while i have updated my journal & today is the perfect day to take the action.Why ? Look ! I got a premium membership :D

Well, 2010 is going great for me so far. Continuing with my job at a small-studio for my bread & butter, done 2 really enjoyable freelancing projects for personal satisfaction ! One, a logo for a charity + music website. Second, Branding + Web for a Media Production house. And other great thing, i got my Tablet ! So, expect some digital-paints soon.

This year, i started a Blog for a daily-design activity. Where i dedicate 20-45 mins of the day to create something everyday & share. And i surprised myself for not missing a single day till the date !
You can have a look at all entries here :

I have also shared selected entries from daily365 blog here on DA

Daily Design - Jan,Feb by freakyframes Daily365, Jan Entries by freakyframes

Cheers !

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Who else is there on & Twitter ?

My Profile for
And here i Tweet.

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These Days most of my daytime goes in working a studio & thanks to the electronic, downtempo music to make me stay alive ! And i do think it really helps me focus with the task & act as perfect neurostimulators in a tiring day : )


Few Albums which makes the playlist for me.
Moon Safari - AIR
Love 2 - AIR
Morning Star - Flunk
For Sleepy Heads Only - Flunk
Angel Milk - TelePopMusik
Every Day - The Cinematic Orchestra
Dummy - Portishead
Melody AM - Royksopp
Junior - Royksopp
Simple Things - Zero 7
The Garden - Zero 7
Four Trees - Caspian
Last Days of Gravity - Younger Brother
In a Space Outta Sound - Nightmares on Wax
Ok Computer - Radiohead
The Best Kept Secrets - Lamb

Any recommendations for this sort of music ? Do let me know !

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"freakyframes has 25,089 pageviews total and his 93 deviations were viewed 170,785 times."

Just realized i crossed my 25K page-views today, big thanks to all the visitors and great people who added me. And i must say, deviant has been a great place to get inspired and stay motivated. Now, i have got my showcase accounts on so many sites and even a personal domain but DA has a very own charm and i love how you get to interact with users of such a different skill set and levels.

Thanks again ! :thanks:

And in other updates, :blahblah:

Apart from regular self-work and freelancing i have joined a new workplace called Studio Brahma in Delhi-India. And hoping that everything goes great. And with some pretty sharp turns in life in last 3 months.. .

I have started Loving
My iMac at studio.
Ambient + Electronica
Staring at random people and car's headlight on my 10min walk from studio to bus-stop.
Going to temple down in my society late night.
Sugarless coffee.


I have started hating !
Tall buildings, specially the ones with reflective glass all over the windows.
Headphones, listening to music alone is not a fun ! But have to do it here in studio.
AC on my head.
The public transport here.
My external HD, "shouts for disk-cleanup every-time i need it ! "
The local radio stations ... .

Ok, enough, should go back to work now. :sprint:
Oh, btw, i am also looking for a subscription these days, hosting any contest ? :D   

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Anyone who is awake now do attend the listening party for AIR's new album "Love 2" right now! The all tracks are on live streaming for next 16 hours. !

I am already enjoying it ! do Visit… and relish the great tones. :)

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Yesterday, 4th Sep. ITF-Indian Type Foundry, an initiative by Peter Biľak of Typotheque and SN Rajpurohit and Rajesh Kejriwal (Kyoorius Exchange) was launched as first specialised company to develop and directly distribute digital fonts in India.

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Data Visualization, Info-graphics, New media installations, Cyberarts, lectures, conferences, Human, Nature, Robots, Sight, Sound, Motion and Music ! With a lot more than this the 30th ARS Electronica festival starts tomorrow - 3th Sep.

The event going to be in Linz, Austria and i so badly wish that somehow i can be there !! { Sponsor Me please :D }

I posted more info on my blog >… and i know you will feel the same after reading about the event and schedules.

And ya, in other updates i am also looking for a subscription, so any contest suggestion will be thankful. And if you are a RockStar if you do donate :D :D
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Hi Deviants, i am working on a self project these days. Which is about an activity which i think most of us love to do: Doodling !

But to make my final product much more efficent and functional i need help from you. Please give two minutes to fill up a suggestion form at

Thanks in Advance :D
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After uploading the site last week, I am happy with the response it has got.

Recently it got featured on CSSMANIA -… , CSSBASED… CSSWOW and two more web galleries.

Now i am motivated and working on blog, one more thing coming close is my final academic project. Thinking of some very random ideas. Soon will post some of them on blog for your valuable feedback !
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Hi there, finally the designing is done and i have uploaded my web-portfolio now.

I have also started my blog at a new space
Here I will be posting stuff about design, art, culture and technology. Do mail me if you have any suggestions or feedback regarding website content, design or for any other inputs, i would love to hear.
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Finally i have settled up on a layout for my web-folio, now everything is going well after a major block point in coding !! Phew...

Hopefully the site would be up before 20th Feb !
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My upload frequencies are getting down and down every month, reasons some other projects and a bit of laziness.

At present, i am weaving my online portfolio and a blog, and coding part of it is really a pain. Lets hope i will get it finished soon and will be an active deviant again :)
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