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type and grid

these days i am trying out some experimenal compositions with type & minimal colors, this one came out quite well as a wallpaper.

find different versions of this at my designjunction blog [link]
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wow how do u do this. this is awesome
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:thanks: You can use illustrator or photoshop & just play around with letters - moving, resizing, rotating - till you get some composition like this :)
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Type, grid and an idea.
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loving the minimalism of this wallpaper design.
This has been featured on my design blog
50 Amazing Typography Wallpapers

Keep up the good work :D
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Thanks a lot for feature Jared !
Great compilation there !
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Lovely, although I would like to see it in 1680x1050 reso! :)
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hy miheer, thanks for fav. and appreciating !
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you are welcome!
Typography is very interesting! )
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nice!!!! really cool..likes the way you pur letters on the textured bg...
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I read \"love your god\"
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love it! m a sucker for typography and this one totally rocks!
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Nice composition and texture.the 'type and grid' letters form a nice form in the thumbnail view.

Could you enlighten me and show me the grid here?I want to see how this works.
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the grid is not so prominent in this one, i just its only used for that additional text, main component is typography !
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Oh ok,because I thought the typography part had some ultracomplex grid beneath.
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na na. i just used the golden section divison for that, nothing very complex.
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nice dude...u'v got a reeely guud sense of design n typo.....nice work
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thanks for appreciation prasad !
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