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Too many Types

Its a good habit to restrict & use 2-3 typefaces in a design.
But sometimes, its Ok to experiment.

Here we have the wallpaper as a result, i used 9 different typefaces in this one single composition. :)

On download you get : 1920 wallpapers, Light & Dark version & the i-phone versions for the both.

More Typographic Wallpapers

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I think the gray in background kinda ruin it...
The typography itself is effective
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Emm, may be you are right. But i think because i wanted to use this as wallpaper, the background helps as a desktop. Will try a poster version with just the typography. Thanks for comment ! :)
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simple but effective - well done =)
khurafati's avatar
this has a vintage touch to it,coz of the bg and the text :D
freakyframes's avatar
:D Tere liye i will make one...proper countryside version too :P
khurafati's avatar
ek dum wakao!!
ATDE's avatar
xD very true.
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Shape, alignment, place is what contributes to the design and that's what masks the feeling there are too many typefaces. This piece of design works very well since you can read all at a glance without any trouble. Love it bro'! :)
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Thanks a lot Arjun ! :)
kikando's avatar
inka kaam dekh..
dilli ki firm hai.. jaakar mil bhi sakta hai .. chahe toh..
intern kar sakta hai inke saath..
freakyframes's avatar
Haan, i have seen there Work. Rikta is working with their interaction design, called QuickSand. Let see. Saala, i dont think full-time job a well-settled place will suit me :P
kikando's avatar
shift 'using' to the left.. i didnt read it.. before 'too'
freakyframes's avatar
Hmm, now i think this composition needs a refinement. Thanks :)
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I love it , which typographies did u use?
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Hy thanks !
Here is the list, from top to bottom : American Typewriter, Birch Std, Gill Sans Ultra Bold, Didot, Jazz LET, Edwardian Script ITC, Modern No. 20 & Rockwell Bold :)
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IdeaLic's avatar
hm... i dont think so :D
its very confusing!
freakyframes's avatar
Hehe, then may be its just me who thinks this composition still works :P
Thanks for honest opinion, anyway :D
IdeaLic's avatar
yeah, but maybe its the big LAYOUT screaming at me and into my head :D
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