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Super Mario Wallpaper

I don’t need to say anything about the legendary label. As a kid, it was the first experience of such great interaction with sight,sound & motion.

I still remember all the level maps, characters and not to mention, the music.

Here is a fanart for that great game, tried to experiment in the final art with a mix of vector + pixel-art.

Its available in 1920 x 1200 wide-screen as well as regular version on my blog.
Click here to visit the download page[link]
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THis is so freakin cool!  Can you make a Super mario 2 one?  Ya know, where they are in the land of Subcon?  :D
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Wow look badass on my android
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Nice job! Got this as the background for my iPad
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Awesome =)
I wish i had created this in much higher resolution though.
May I use this photo for my youtube video?
REPLAY retrogaming : Hello, i'm looking for a nice picture for the backgroung of a retrogaming website > your wallpaper is really beautiful - It would be perfect... So, i'd like to ask you : can i use this picture if i add a link for background to your Deviantart'spage or Blog ???
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amazing job. simple yet there's no way NOT to know what it is.
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USED TWICE - sorry, i would've told you earlier, but i couldn't remember where i found the imga,e but here i am now!
design: [link]
Final: [link]
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I see you have used this as a school project. So no problem !
And thanks for concerning about notifying : )
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thank you thank you thank you!
*and i couldn't be more sorry! lawl XD* xxxxxxx
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Nah, i must sue you for this ! :D
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o___o well, erm, the t-shirt is kinda in a display case at school, because mine was the best :-D
and sorry again!
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Thank you for making this.
I love it to death <3
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Hehe, Thanks for enjoying it so much :)
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I like a lot this wallpaper. Nice work.
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