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Friends from Future

The inspiration came when i saw the Bull-Head Art by Picasso, where he uses a bicycle seat & some metal to create a bull-head sculpture. A style of Assembly Art, its about creating new compositions by using different-different elements.

And then, i met my Friends from Future, but somehow they are Retro by heart & still exploring their world. Their names are Fue, Tue & the Rue.

Little bit about them.

From the Right

FUE - A Rockstar of his times, the smart one.In his early days he got featured by a famous record label & According to the terms he had to go to mars for a biggest concert ever happened. Never came back !

TUE - Because of the influence of musician brother Fue & some childhood stories, he somehow started believing that music can give you wings & make you fly. Now works as a typist in downtown universe.

RUE - The confused and the smallest one in family, when he was born, brother Tue was busy shouting & typing his weird stories about musical wings in the hospital corridors.
As a result, this guy actually got a pair of it.!

Stock Credits : Keyboard [link] TV:[link] from DeviantART, Rest : & own.
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