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Make A NDS Game Cover





- Updated Gold Overlay for DS Label
- It's an old relic so I updated a few things and decided to promote this old thing for the sakes of celebrating how far it made it.


- Golden/Silver Overlays for the DS Labels
- Inverted Label (Black BG / White Logo)
- Toggle from Normal or Silver Wi-Fi Logo
- Better Layer Organization
- You can now move the Nintendo Logo without extensive editing
- The FZ Logo still not included :P

Go and make your own DS covers. Have some fun.

Prepared in PhotoShop CS2 from one of my DS covers, and updated in CS6.
Regardless of that, it should run just fine on all programs that accepts PSD files.

If you use it, give me some cred.

What Does It Contain:

- DS Box Label
- Nintendo Logo
- Nintendo Wi-Fi Logo
- ESRB Ratings (EC, E, T, M, AO, RP)

(Legacy) Works Done With This Template:

- Starcraft DS - Test by =FreakyEd
- Mushroom Kingdom LETS GO! by ~Tuyoki
- Urban Nordica: 1 / 2 / 3 by *RandomReduX
- Heart Cycles by !Chosenoneknuckles
- Metal Gear SD by *rongs1234
- Gekzolla vs Allozkeg... by ~Koobine
- The Joshy Game by *Skiepki
- Akatzuki: The Game by ~AnimatorPerson
- Sonic Stickies: The Videogame by ~Metallemmy
- DS - Sweeney Todd... TEH GAME by ~Lady-Bealzabub
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