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Snatch: FINALLY finished

This one has been quite a bit of work. A LOT of work actually. It's taken me over a year. Part of it was because I had to learn how to combine 10 different parts into one statue, but mostly because .... oh, why did I decide to sculpt an octopus?! All those suckers!

The sculpture is 45cm by 45cm, first sculpted in clay, then cut apart so I could make molds and finally cast and put together again. Final material is a Marble dust composite, because I like how sparkly it looks. 

During the molding the original unfortunately didn't survive (as they hardly do). Lucky for me, the molds didn't have any flaws, otherwise it would've been a bad day for me XD.
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MidnightTiger8140's avatar
That is intense! And an incredible amount of detail :wow:
Congratulations on a well-deserved DD! :love:
FreakStyleARTist's avatar
Thanks :). I just saw that this was nominated for a DD. I'm stunned! And honored.
Torquinox's avatar
That's a lot of fun :) Good work!
Sabz0r's avatar
Incredible piece of art :clap: worth every second put into it ,it's a beauty!cute 
FreakStyleARTist's avatar
Thank you so much! It WAS worth it, although I think my next piece is going to be a little less involved. Can't build up a portfolio if I need a year and a half for each sculpture XD.
Sabz0r's avatar
I guess perfection has its price :) I understand the time pressure though..
Wishing you great inspiration and a lot of free time for your next project :D
FreakStyleARTist's avatar
Thanks. I've only started this week. I needed a few weeks of rest. But I'm currently working on the armature of three pieces and it's always a process I enjoy.
Sabz0r's avatar
Ohh it sounds like a wonderful piece ! Will be a pleasure to see your next creation!
FreakStyleARTist's avatar
They are three individual projects. I thought it might be useful for me to have three sculptures in three different stages, so that I always have something to work on (and so it's easier to ditch one project when it doesn't pan out the way I imagined).
Sabz0r's avatar
That's a great approach especially since they take a long time to be done(compared to other mediums)
:eager: Wishing you tons of inspiration and good days for work
CadaverCrafts's avatar
WOW! I can see why this took you forever to make, this is spectacular. Its one of those sculptures that you can look at forever and still find new things
FreakStyleARTist's avatar
Yeah, I'm really happy with the end result. One of the reasons it took forever (aside from those dozens of suckers) was that I had to teach myself a few new techniques, especially casting skills. I wasn't a noob when it came to molding, but this is definitely the most involved thing I've EVER had to make casts for. So, there was a lot of trial and error involved. 

All knowledge I'm able to use in the future, I'm sure :).
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Honestly i wouldnt know how to cast something this complex at all :‘) So you did a really spectacular job with it!
FreakStyleARTist's avatar
Complex casting is mostly just a big puzzle and hoping that you didn't overlook something XD. What sucks is that moment, when you're sculpting and you suddenly realize you need more molds than anticipated, because now you have to cut up parts of your work you didn't prepare for that (meaning that wire armatures need to be cut through, damaging your work). Preparation is key :)
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