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Well, its been over a year since I started up this account, so I thought it would be a good idea to update the info as well. Once again, my name is Henrik Magnusson, and this is my exhibition account, which I use as a portfolio, since I'm too lazy and computer illiterate to set up a "real" one. I am a cartoonist/illustrator from Sweden, who takes pretty much any job coming his way. If you wish to contact me, dont bother with notes to this account, just email me at
Hello everyone. For those of you who just found this account, my name is Henrik Magnussson, 22 year old comic book artist in the making from Sweden and this is my "exhibit" account where I will be posting my most polished work. If you wish to contact me for whatever reason, either drop me a note, or email me at

At any rate, enjoy my gallery